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  1. Ok i agree wid u all here..Nw its ur turn 2 go wid me!!! Media ws doin a good work 5 years back.Nw thy r just counting money!! have u all been thru Noida murder case the famous aarushi hatyakaand...his innocent dad suffrd due to media reports Anyone here have heard arushi's neighbours???? thy told- media was the worst thing haapen 2 thm thy must not have existed!!! and nw whn u switch on ur TV for news..thy r showing dumb ass kind of programs..big boss,and mny more saas bahu serials wt crap is this?? much honest r the newspapers..i have stoped watching these dumb news channls
  2. hahahaha...silly quetn indian enggs r always over-rated ...For us knowledge comes wid experience... major of us depends upon europe and Us....y ??? ans is simple and evrbdy knows it
  3. have any body encountered MBA ppl??? do thy look ugly???? NOT AT ALL
  4. it totally depends upon the mindset of the intrvwr..bt the pupil out here talking abt knowledge and skills.. dat may cause if ur a born officer and can uphold the major portion of the organisation..can say in R&D..whr face value can b considered ZERO..but in the rest of the jobs whr a person needs a good communication with a great personality might b able 2 attract more clients or can say can able to set deals more frequently...I think just in IT companies and 2 or more face dnt pay a tribute..bt in other jobs (major of thm)..yaaa u have to look good if u want to catapulated...Any thoughts!!!!