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    Did you ever think that you should have an opportunity to present yourself in a more comprehensive manner as compared to what you get to do in today's world. Why is it that your academic marksheets are considered to be the only yardstick to measure your capabilities ? Why is it that a student from a particular university/state should have an upper hand as compared to you just because different universities have different yardsticks of measurement ? When every organizationa looks at a lot more than just your marksheets should there not be a better way to assess your skills than to leave them at mercy of a few individuals ? We aim at addressing these problems by introducing skill assessment that is unique, fair and consistent across all states and universities. Visit our website http://www.employdex.com for more details on how EmployDEX can help you build your career. Follow us on facebook to see latest events planned. http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=2278...5362&ref=mf