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    please help me out,I'm in deep trouble

    Hi family,I'm a member of chetana since 2 years,I've done my BE(cse) in 2008 and due to recession i joined to BPO to maintain my expenses in bng. I've done mainframe course from arcus infotech bng during feb10-april10.1. I've been attended DELL interview for 4 times, every time I'm got out of final round(apti-english-techwritten-f2f) (around march n april10). 2. I've been selected in SPI walk-in drive conducted by texas consult, they rejected whole selected batch(april10).3. I've been selected for Accenture walk-in drive conducted by msource one(4th july2010), I've submitted scan doc as de req'd. but still no reply from them. please guide me how to get job on mainframes, I'm in deep depression with these negative results. now-a-days i'm not getting call from any companies as i'm from 08 batch.please help me bros and sis.vageesha.job@gmail.com WAITING FOR YOUR REPLY'S.