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  1. The concept of cover letter is comparatively new to India and many freshers are not aware of it. A Cover Letter is an opportunity to generate interest in your resume. A cover letter helps you differentiate your resume from others. Do not make the cover letter more than 1 page long. talk about your experience, reason for applying and close it by drawing attention to the attached resume. ------- A Cover Letter is an opportunity to highlight your suitability for a job. Hence you should always make sure to send a covering letter along with your resume. A cover letter ensures that your CV will be read by generating interest. Points to keep in mind while preparing a Cover Letter * Format * Readability * Content In this article I shall be covering the points about readability of covering letters and the content that must go inside. We have put together a sample cover letter that makes use of all these advices. Some points to ensure better readability for your cover letter * Keep the letter to one page * Use short paragraphs. Each paragraph must make a point * Use bullet points to emphasize your skills, achievements and career details Content of the covering letter * Write to a named individual. Use sir/madam only if you fail to get his name after lots of attempt * Start the letter by specifying why you are writing. Refer to the advertisement, in response to which you are writing the letter * Follow up with a paragraph about yourself. Talk about your prior experience, skills that you have acquired etc. * Talk about the reason for applying to the job. Try to be positive and energetic. * Close the letter by thanking the person for reading your letter. Remind them that you have attached your resume.
  2. I have discussed how to use resume samples on another thread. Check it out as that may be helpful to you.
  3. some more things to keep in mind - Always check your resume for virus before sending it - send the resume in pdf format as the size is small. there can be issues with opening word file if the HR's window version is different than that of yours.