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  1. karthick.amace

    Is it necessary to show BPO non voice experience

    ya sounds good viji...
  2. karthick.amace

    Relation between India and china.

    I would say the peoples of the two nations are hardworker and dedicated..
  3. karthick.amace

    Please Help In writing Code

    hi, U better use "Set" ie., Set s=new HashSet() first to eliminate duplicates and then use "List" to sort the elements... this is for both eg...
  4. karthick.amace

    how to convert doc to pdf file?

  5. karthick.amace

    Download Java program!!!!!!!!!!!

    sry guys unfortunately I made difficulty to split the program present in the above word file..here is the programs I attached separately..Save these files in .java extension and paste in your bin directory and run..Use the same name as file name...eg, save as Age.javaFor Age program give the date in the format DD/MM/YYYY in the textbox above submit button and click submit...U'll get your day with calendar.. Plz run once and continue just cancel and run another time from cmd prompt...these program are created by me and...so excuse me if any difficulty u foundAge.txt Clock.txt Num.txt
  6. After finished my Engineering I dreamt to be in IT. But recession not only hits the market in my life too.So for my livelihood I entered in non-voice BPO. I gone well but unfortunately I stayed there for 7 months.Actually I am in Quality Analyst position...So, I decided to quit that job want to restart my job search in IT becoz if I won't I'll lose my fresher title.My question, is it really necessary to denote my nonvoice experience in my resume for IT industry .did this create negative impact on me...?Thnks in advance...!!!
  7. The scope of variables inside public static void main will alive upto...?
  8. Friends, plz tell me Is there any exams are there to get authorised certificates from microsoft for dotnet. Similar to SCJP certificate for java which is from sun. help me out.... better email me.
  9. this is program for a stopwatch. Try it out..and leave me comments on it..save this file as Clock.java and run....import java.awt.*;import java.awt.event.*;public class Clock{Frame f;Button b1,b2,b3;TextField tf1,tf2,tf3,tf4,tf5,tf6;Integer i=1, i1=0,i2=0,i3=0;Label l1,l2,l3;Thread t;Clock(){f=new Frame("Clock");f.setSize(400,300);f.setVisible(true);f.setLayout(null);f.setBackground(Color.black);b1=new Button("Start");b2=new Button("Stop");b3=new Button("Reset");b1.setBounds(300,70,60,30);b2.setBounds(300,120,60,30);b3.setBounds(300,170,60,30);b1.setBackground(Color.green);b2.setBackground(Color.red);b3.setBackground(Color.yellow);f.add(b1);f.add(b2);f.add(b3);tf1=new TextField();tf2=new TextField();tf3=new TextField();tf4=new TextField();tf5=new TextField();tf6=new TextField();tf1.setBounds(150,200,60,20);tf2.setBounds(100,200,40,20);tf3.setBounds(50,200,40,20);tf4.setBounds(50,250,40,20);tf5.setBounds(150,250,40,20);tf6.setBounds(250,250,40,20);tf1.setBackground(Color.green);tf2.setBackground(Color.green);tf3.setBackground(Color.green);tf4.setBackground(Color.green);tf5.setBackground(Color.green);tf6.setBackground(Color.green);//f.add(tf1);//f.add(tf2);//f.add(tf3);f.add(tf4);f.add(tf5);f.add(tf6);l1=new Label("hrs");l1.setBounds(100,250,30,20);l1.setBackground(Color.pink);l2=new Label("min");l2.setBounds(200,250,30,20);l2.setBackground(Color.pink);l3=new Label("sec");l3.setBounds(300,250,30,20);l3.setBackground(Color.pink);f.add(l1);f.add(l2);f.add(l3);f.addWindowListener(new WindowAdapter(){public void windowClosing(WindowEvent we){System.exit(0);}});b1.addActionListener(new aaa());b2.addActionListener(new bbb());b3.addActionListener(new ccc());}class aaa implements ActionListener ,Runnable{public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent ae){t=new Thread(this);t.start();}public void run() {for(;{String s1=i.toString();tf1.setText(s1);try{t.sleep(1000);}catch(InterruptedException ex){}Integer i5=i%60;String s6=i5.toString();tf6.setText(s6);if(i%60==0){++i1;String s2=i1.toString();tf2.setText(s2);Integer i4=i1%60;String s5=i4.toString();tf5.setText(s5);if(i1%60==0){++i2;String s3=i2.toString();tf3.setText(s3);tf4.setText(s3);}}i++;}}}class bbb implements ActionListener{public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent ae){t.stop();}}class ccc implements ActionListener{public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent ae){Integer oops=0;tf1.setText(oops.toString());tf2.setText(oops.toString());tf3.setText(oops.toString());tf4.setText(oops.toString());tf5.setText(oops.toString());tf6.setText(oops.toString());i=1;}}public static void main(String[] args){Clock clk=new Clock();}}
  10. karthick.amace

    Good looking people get better jobs !!!

    proverb - "Face is index of mind". so I accept 75%, face may speak in the Interview. They will clearly identify your character by seeing your face. This is psycological fact that face will respond what your heart act.
  11. karthick.amace

    Help me, How to start 'Tell me about yourself'

    impressive ....
  12. karthick.amace

    Plz can you suggest easy way to remember vocabulary ?

    sunil u had explained my question ideally.Yes I will follow your suggestion.thanks ya....
  13. Vocabulary. It is getting out of my mind in fraction of hours. I was very frustrated of improving my vocabulary skills.. I am awaiting of your reply..... -- This is nice site. ChetanaS seems like sun to people like me who are coming from rural areas. I decided to refer more friends. My hearty thanks to one and all.
  14. karthick.amace

    Should engineers do jobs abroad or not ?

    yes they can go abroad but after making our country proud while staying in INDIA.....:angry: