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    Simple Aptitude : Find Probability

    3 coins each having head & tail are tossed. What is the probability of getting at least two tails ? If 3 coins are tossed, the possible outcomes are: H-H-H, T-H-H, H-T-H, H-H-T, T-H-T, T-T-H, H-T-T, T-T-T The outcomes that have at least two tails in them are T-H-T, T-T-H, H-T-T, and T-T-T. Therefore, there are four of the eight outcomes that have two or more tails in them. This means that the probability of getting at least two tails is = 4/8 =1/2 = 0.50 or 50%
  2. skyspot

    please help career guidence needed

    I would like to suggest you to try with Zybeak Technologies.
  3. skyspot

    I need a carrer guidance for Oil and gas sector companies

    You can try it here http://www.naukrigulf.com/job-listings-Hea...&companyId=
  4. skyspot

    2013 eee fresher

    I would like to suggest you to visit the company websites and upload your resume in career section hope it will help you and also try with job portals.
  5. There's quite a lot of new conferences being held everyday in the QA world. For those into software testing, here's a list of conferences which helped me gain knowledge on SQA- http://www.getzephyr.com/resources/qa_conferences.php I'm sure members of this community would find this information interesting.
  6. Well, I have not attended the interview, one of my friend attended and not paid any fess for training.
  7. skyspot

    Software Testing Job Doubts

    I would like to suggest you try it out any job portals like monster, shine .....surely you will get better opportunities.
  8. skyspot

    Google Analytics

    I hope this will help you http://support.google.com/adwords/answer/2453994?hl=en
  9. skyspot

    Please suggest me

    I suggest you to join. You will get good experience if you are interested to look for another company after 2 years you can search.
  10. skyspot

    Is ITES good or not ?????

    IT means Information technology where as ITES means information technology enabled services ITES services are the services which do require the aid of IT but not the hardcore IT. It includes soft skills like communication wherein we do make use of computer to feed in the reponses. These services are mainly used in BPOs and KPOs wherein we feed the information of the customers in the database on computer. http://in.answers.yahoo.com/question/index...07055848AAoMIu0
  11. skyspot

    job in networking

    Try with job portals it will help you to get job according to your qualification and interest.
  12. skyspot

    Please Suggest me what i can do? - Gap in my career

    I suggest you to go to good MNCs website career section and update your resume with details and the work experience I hope you will get opportunities.
  13. skyspot

    WANT SAP-ABAP Job for freshers

    As per my opinion without certification getting job will be difficult... I suggest you to try with job portals and in interview if you get to chance to express you knowledge it will surely help you to get job easily.
  14. I have tried it good source for beginners
  15. skyspot

    HR interview

    It depends on your interest if you think and feels software has good career you can switch it to software and it has more opportunities and can build good career.