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  1. Instead of writing back to you, why don't you upload the files either here or to some file sharing site, so that everyone can access it?
  2. s.manikandan1987

    tcs online paper leaked???????????????????????

    The irony is that even after you've pasted the contents of the mail, a lot of people have posted their mail IDs asking for the question paper.
  3. s.manikandan1987


    Check out this post.
  4. Another member of this forum encountered the same problem. He created a new e-mail account and was able to register successfully with Oracle. I would suggest you to do the same. If the problem still persists, then probably the issue is with the website.
  5. Probably you'll get these details in a separate mail from Oracle. If you had registered successfully, that is. Hope this helps.
  6. Yes, it is only for 2010 passouts.
  7. s.manikandan1987

    TEK BRIDGE SOLUTION PVT LTD is good company???

    Your clue lies here. I would suggest not to go for it. The rest is upto you to decide.
  8. Go to https://campus.oracle.com/campus/HR/global_main.html • On the map that appears, click on the hotspot that says 'India' • On the left side of the page that appears, click on 'How to apply' • Follow the instructions given Hope this helps.
  9. Check out this post. Hope this helps.
  10. s.manikandan1987

    Zoho Interview Question

    Most probably this pattern will not change. We were question papers from the time when Zoho was 'AdventNet'. So, there is little probability that the questions will change.
  11. s.manikandan1987

    Zoho Interview Question

    Check out this post. Hope this helps.
  12. s.manikandan1987


  13. s.manikandan1987

    Any testing certification?

    Or you can go for ISTQB certification as well.
  14. Saravanakumar,As of now, I don't have any information. Since the other batches were called in intervals of two weeks, I guessed you'd be called around the same time too.
  15. s.manikandan1987

    Are companies hiring 2009 IT Freshers still ?

    Yes and No. If a company needs people who are qualified in Java, SCJP might come in handy and you'd still have an edge over the others. On the other hand, if you're attending an off-campus and you're not sure about which domain you'd be put in, then a certification might not be of much use. If you're put into SAP or some other domain, and if the job demands a certification, the organization itself would sponsor for your certification. Happens in most of the major MNCs. Hope this helps.