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    best university for part time

    I suggest you to try with http://www.ksouonline.edu.in/part-time-mba.html
  2. Shannon

    linux interview questions?

    You can refer the source here http://techpreparation.com/linux-interview...ns-answers1.htm
  3. Shannon

    ccna networking job

    I hope job portals will help you like monster, naukri.com
  4. Shannon

    Learn Python and Ruby for free online

    I would suggest you to refer http://davidchambersdesign.com/filtering-l...and-javascript/
  5. Shannon

    Java Project with Swings, JMS, JDBS and RMI

    Try it out hope it will help you http://www.vjil.com/pages/expertise_java.aspx
  6. Shannon

    Distance MCA

    I would like to suggest you to try with Ignou........
  7. Shannon

    career at dataware housing?

    Try it out http://pskinfo.com/
  8. I was not very sure when I was told by Zephyr's team that the test management system is very easy to use. But the "Zephyr for JIRA, ‘Enterprise Edition and Community Editions" program really proved me wrong. It helped my organization as well as my test team to quickly learn the tricks of handling this flexible test management system in a matter of two days. More here - http://www.getzephyr.com/buy/index.php
  9. Useful source for beginners.........
  10. Shannon

    Best java training institute in banglore

    Check out this below link. Hope it might help you in some way..... http://www.bangaloretrainings.com/java-tra...-bangalore.html
  11. Shannon

    My system working very slow.. please hlep me.

    You can try deleting all the unnecessary files, folders and programs from your computer. Also, scan for viruses and even if it doesn't work, then reinstall windows.
  12. Shannon

    convert doc to pdf file?

    If you are using Office 2007 then there is an official Microsoft Pdf plugin available - Microsoft Save as PDF or XPS Hope this helps. -------------------- Test management system
  13. Hello guys, When I first heard about Zephyr the one aspect that seemed remarkable to me is its SaaS offering. It was truly unusual for a company that charges only for the services that you use. So that means you can ramp up or ramp down the services as and when you need. Therefore I required only a few seconds to zero in on the test management system that I needed for my company.
  14. Hello guys, Zephyr 2.6 is a terrific tool for QAs. Can anyone suggest any other system that has tight integration with two popular issue tracking systems (JIRA and Bugzilla), a flexible licensing option and above all an affordable test management system? Well I can vouch for it as I’ve been using it for some time. It has never given me a chance to complain and all my releases were on time and on budget. Trust me, Zephyr 2.6 never lets you down. Get more details here: http://www.getzephyr.com/
  15. Hello folks, My plans of expanding my small enterprise reached a dead end when I found that my plans for installing on-premise models would go over budget. That’s when one of my friends suggested to me to opt for Zephyr, as its SaaS platform would cost a trifle when compared to the cost of buying, implementing and maintaining on-premise systems. I found it to be true and now I run a comparatively large business enterprise. Thanks Zephyr!