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  1. RAMSOL is one of the leading Recruitment firms in India. We have highly experienced Recruitment Consultants. Our aim is to help businesses across a multitude of industries and sectors with their hiring process. At RAMSOL we have the best Recruitment consultants, our unique UV Hiring Process enables us to shortlist only candidates who are meeting clients technical and general expectations, eliminating the need for multiple interviews and leaving you with the right specialist for the right job. RAMSOL Recruitment consultants speed up organization hiring process through a combination of unique services: Sourcing through advanced internet research Having a Powerful network Possessing an eagle’s eye for scouting potential candidates. Curated apt candidate listing Relevant candidate info gathering Displaying exemplary negotiating skills. Sure-show candidate line-up for interview Candidate offer acceptance assessment Back-up alert and in-time support on offer decline Seamless candidate follow-up and joining update to organization Permanent Recruitment firm Top Management Levels Senior Levels Middle Levels We provide additional candidate information from our vast network databases. Through our systematic approach, you can be rest assured that the candidate you see is the candidate you get. RPO For IT/BPO Conduct interviews Salary negotiation Developing HR policies Joining formalities/coordination We involve ourselves particularly in the recruitment process for major information technology companies and start-ups. We do everything that a typical HR department takes care of and with our vast experience, get the job done more effectively. Key Areas Of RAMSOL Recruitment Consultants Our niche key skills recruitment consultants cover areas, the likes of Information Technology We help the companies find basic level and skilled programmers who can read and write code like they are addicted to it. Pharmaceutical Pharmaceutical industry is in most need of Statisticians and Research Scientist who can make a difference to their organization with their expertise Energy People in the energy industry have to be responsible and talented individuals as their action will make or break a complete series of other actions that follow. Hire suitable design engineers, control engineers and hardware designers.Clean Tech Recruiting and Executive Search. The recruiters at RAMSOL are renewable energy talent acquisition specialists. BFSI Banking and Finance industry is one of the most fast growing industries in today’s world. We provide you with effective auditors and financial controllers in addition to Risk Management, TAM, Security and IMD. Telecommunications No communication is complete today without telecommunication, which has truly made the world a small place to live in. We make you hire the best Wi-Fi Testing, Tools, DT, Firmware and Fault Diagnostic Engineers. FMCG Customer Service Managers are a much desired profile for the FMCG industry in addition to infrastructure architects, security and team management personnel. Our database covers profiles of this caliber. Media Media connects people from all over and helps to make us more knowledgeable by giving us information. Manufacturing Manufacturing industry is one that will never run out of steam and to do so you need the best Quality and Distribution Managers along with the right Manufacturing and Process Engineers. We hire the most suited ones for your line of business. Visit http://www.ramsol.in/ for more details.