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    What is your philosophy towards work ?

    my work philosophy would be " dedication and committment by investing cent percent of mind and heart"afterall you should love the work you do then only the output of ur work would be the best.
  2. sindhut86

    What irritates you most about your co-workers ?

    i would say people who are never ready to accept others ideas
  3. Product Companies: Build their own product and sell it in market / to clients. Example: IFLEX, MOTOROLA, SUN, ORACLE, TALISMA, RAMCO, FIRSTAPEX, SUBEX, NUCLEAUS SOFTWARE, PRAMATI TECHNOLOGIES... Service Companies: Build (software) applications / products for other companies and their clients. Example: INFOSYS, WIPRO, TCS... ---- Few big companies are both product based and service based (Typically they maintain separate departments to handle each category). For example, - IFLEX has a famous banking product 'FLEXCUBE'. And IFLEX also works on software application development. - TCS's product QUARTZ is an integrated financial services platform targeted at banking and financial services industry. - INFOSYS has a product called FINACLE. ---- Making a product is pain, basically because the existence of company depends on success/failure of their product in the market. Also company need to update their product very regularly according to the changes in the industry on which product is based on. In general, product based companies offer much higher compensation (especially if the product is successful) when compared to service based companies. However product based companies expect much higher technical skills. IT- Services Sector: Service based companies provide services to those products or to projects which were developed by other companies. Yahoo and Google are services. Things like Mac subscription, email are also services. This is because they are provided to us for temporary use. What are IT Services? • Consulting – automation and re-engineering of business process • Development and maintenance of internal applications for business enterprises • Developing service oriented end-to-end solutions • Management of IT infrastructure • Testing services • Implementation of Enterprise Applications • Etc. Top service development companies: Name of the company. Cisco systems inc. Hewlett Packard co. IBM. Deloitte. Microsoft Corporation. Aztec soft Infosys technologies. Verizon communications Boston consultancy group. Accenture. IT-Product Sector: Product based company is one which develops its own products like hardware monitors, keyboard etc. Product based company uses their own idea to introduce their product and they work on them from scratch to product. IT product is the hardware and software that you buy/download to use. Yahoo and Google are services.. But Google has taken a lead on SaaS or Software as a Service.. Which is a commercial product offering from Google....it is all in the naming. But, anything that has a tangible value and is for sale is a product. The product is owned by the user. Top 10 product development companies (software): Name of the Company SAP MICROSOFT IBM ORACLE UGS INFOR GLOBAL SOLUTIONS AGILE SOFTWARE PARONIX AGENTRIX PTS majority of the MNCs are into both product and service development like MICROSOFT,IBM etc hope this info helped u.
  4. so..heres the most attractive question..as it talks about beauty and intelligence.one is the internal character and the other is the external.well..according to me i don't think that good looking people get better jobs instead i would like to say that intelligent,confidence and sound knowledge adds beauty to a person even though he/she don't hold good looks.Any organization/company works for profits and in an area where there is wide competition every company needs dynamic,sound knowledge individuals to participate and carry forward their company in the competition unlike to hold persons with good looks.i agrre that industries like the airlines,fashion,bollywood ,tollywood or any film industry etc are the places where beauty speaks.---sindhu.
  5. sindhut86

    How do you define 'Success' ?

    Hi friends, If i would have faced this question i would have answered it in the following way.Success: Definition of success lies within the eyes of the beholder. My definition of success is to achieve the end result of all the things i have thought about. it could be measured if the levels i have reached and the places i have settled brings in a sense of meaning and fulfillment .I once heard a wise man say that Success is not reaching ur ultimate goal in life, Success is about the journey which you make up to reach that goal. As long as you are striving towards that goal, you are already successful.I would achieve success by creating realistic, viable plans to achieve those goals which I have thought of. Follow my plans, be flexible, and enjoy the process.
  6. Just send ur resume to 'arun.jadhav (at) survik (dot) com' from ur mail id.ALL THE BEST.bye
  7. Hi chetanites, To answer this question i.e what kind of person would you refuse to work with? firstly ,et us know that each person is unique on this earth.If,i personally,dont like to work with a certain person because of few things,some other person may like to work with the same person whom i dislike because of that things.so,which kind of person is difficult to work with in general should be the question according to me. when this question is asked to you...you can go in the following way. firstly in the interview dont immediately start saying that with so and so kind of person i do not like to work etc etc..but instead start saying and show urself in a way that,generally you are a person who likes to work in a team with different people as group work yields good results but certain times there happens to be some individual because of whom this group work gets ruined...he would generally be a person who dont like working in groups or maintain lots of individualism or a person who is never ready to accept the other persons ideas or thoughts...because of which the complete group performance ruins..a person who doesnt perform well can be made to work by motivation..a person who never mingles can be bought into the team by making all the team sit togther for some party or fest and make them become open to eachother..but a person who has problem in accepting or listening to the ideas of other members of the team will prove to become an obstacle in the team performance.so,i would say that such person would be the one with whom i would feel uncomfortable in working. I hope my suggestion or answer will help you out in answering such question.. Thanking you, Sindhu.
  8. Hi shashi,This mail is in reply to the mail i have recieved through chetanas.It is regarding the real time assignment for the IBM based project.I would like to say that im interested in this assignment.Im doing my MBA from IFIM BSCHOOL bangalore.If you are looking out for the skills you have mentioned in the mail,then im the person you are looking out for.I have a query,im doing my MBA atpresent so am i eligible to apply for this job?If yes,then please kindly intimate this to me through a reply mail.Thanking you,Regards,T.Sindhu.
  9. HI Sir/Madam, I am doing my MBA in bangalore and my area of specialization is HR.could you tell whether the training you are giving is for the MBA freshers also.if yes,could you tell me the period and duration of the training as it would help me in deciding whether it would be possibe for me to join the training program incase my CV gets shortlisted. Thanking you, T.Sindhu.
  10. Hi Chetanaites, The biggest but still the smallest question you face at the point of interview is "tell me about yourself" So, firstly guys chill....the question is to speak about urself and not about some stranger... So, firstly put all ur interview tensions aside and speak confidently and precise in your answers.. Generally, interviewers like answers to the point and good short replies... So,anything you speak be sure that ur maintaining all these... To go on with the question i think before you go for the interview you need to prepare few things like sit down and note down your strengths, weakness, achievements, be clear about ur goals, i.e what do u want to do in ur life etc...so that u will first clearly know what u are and why r u sitting for the interview. Try to go through the company's website of whichever company u r attending. Then the things may go like this in the interview according to me. 1) give ur name,educational qualifications starting from the highest,then your achievements(if any paper presentations etc)remember that name only those things wherein you feel quite excited and comfortable in explaining.be ready as questions would be asked on what u say(basically 90%) 2) if asked about whether u know about the company u can comfortably reply as the previous day u would have go through the website.this will impress your interviewer. 3) one more thing always be honest as it will really help u out. 4) when asked about weakness of u,mention only those weakness which are convertible into advantages. 5) always be confident with whatever u say..plz do not carry any tension along with you into the interview hall...remember that the person who is interviewing u is in need of u..he is buying you and u r selling your abilities.so,he is in bigger need than u. 6) show him in ur words that you are the one fo r whom he is looking out and u r the best.(remember show ur confidence and not overconfidence). so..... buddies ALL THE BEST.... GO FORWARD AND GRAB UR POSITION.