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  1. Since about 10 days access from VMware Workstation 12.7 Pro to VMware vSphere 6.5 server(s) on the same network fails. After entering the login name and password of the vSphere and clicking on 'connect' the Workstation front-end is being closed immediately. (The vSphere 6.5 server is working without problems) BTW Running VM's on the Workstation keep running also after the Workstation front-end has closed itself. VMware workstation is running on openSUSE 42.2 Who is this problem familiar and has an idea or solution?
  2. wish to emulate a Bash script using Python as a wrapper. I wish it to be able to change directories, redirect code using | and > and other such commands. I intend to take the command as input and trigger them on the underlying Bash terminal. Is this possible? Is it possible to call a Bash script in the background and pass the commands that the user provides to that script as input? MindMajix Linux How can I combine the two together?