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  1. following are the resume tips. 1. USE TECHNICAL SUMMARIES INSTEAD OF GENERAL SUMMARIES: General summaries can help if utilized sparingly and optimally. Technical summaries are more useful, in light of the fact that the first individual perusing your resume could be non-technical and just sufficiently educated to search for keywords. 2. NO SUBSTITUTE FOR QUALITY WRITING: Lengthy paras or bulletin are mind desensitising, yet short rough sentences can seem oversimplified. The perfect resume ought to have a mix of short sections and bullets — or even only bullets. 3. GET TO KNOW ABOUT THE ATTENTION PLANS: Remember that majority of the hiring individuals read resumes about half portion down the page/screen before choosing on the off chance that they will keep perusing 4. DATES ARE VITAL AND MATTER: Be crystal clear regrading your dates of joining. Most organizations need to see months, not years — particularly in the event that you have quite a few switches or in the event that you are right now unemployed 5. HIGHLIGHT YOUR ACHIEVEMENTS, NOT ONLY JOB FUNCTIONS: The details regarding your positions ideally ought to be a blend of a broad overview and particular achievements. That way, recruiters will recognize what you did everyday, additionally what impact your tasks had on the organization or department at large.
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    How to prepare CV in Professional Resume Formats

    here is the best way to write resume for experience candidates: 1. stick to employment only: Name the section either “Work Experience,” “Work History,” “Employment Experience,” “Employment History” or whatever another title that compactly uncovers what the section involves 2. Formatting: While there is no specific rule as far as formatting is concerned, you need to discover a resume pattern that is speaking to the eye. Many opt for columns, with info such as organization name, dates, and position . 3. essential components of your work history: -Names of your past employers – Last positions or designations you held in past jobs – City and state of each organization. these is the way to write the resume for experienced candidate.
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    Career Advice

    yes, you can switch to software company to embedded course, but you can study hard in your interesting field and do some certification course in your electronic field then you will get good job immediately. it is good to choose your career in your interesting field because of that you have satisfaction on that job and it will making your career good.