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  1. Hari.U.K

    Need advice on Career

    Dear Chetanaites, I'm a BE - ECE graduate, having 4 years of experience in e-publishing (typesetting) field. Since the field growth is low, I need to switch to any better job in IT/bank/government sectors. But I'm not clear which one to choose. I'm not interested much in coding. I know basics of AWS (Amazon Web Services), basic editing in XML. Due to pandemic lot of govt/bank jobs are on hold. If anyone could guide me to choose a suitable career, I'll be grateful for them. I've attached my resume herewith. Recently relieved from my job, so I can join immediately. I'm not interested in social media, so I don't have any account except WhatsApp, Gmail, naukri.com. So, please share me via Gmail or in this topic. Mobile number and Gmail id are in resume attached with this topic. Thanks & Regards, Hari Prasath Hari Prasath - Resume.pdf
  2. Hari.U.K

    Seeking for job

    Dear chetanites, i don't have a degree, left college with backlogs and started working in typesetting field, now seeking for opportunity. I'm very eager to learn new technologies and new languages, so relocation is expected. Help me to get a job as soon as possible. Note: Positive thinker, hard worker, don't like night shift.