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Sai Acuity's Finishing School comes up with Interventions to help college/engineering graduates to be production ready by fine-tuning their technical and professional development competencies under the able guidance of corporate mentors. We are a team of HR & IT professionals who go to campus every year to recruit for our respective corporates, we all have observed some areas when fixed would be a value add both to the graduate as well as the corporate. We are looking to reduce the learning curve of college graduates significantly thus saving corporates training costs.

With this endeavor we invite grads for a free workshop with the below agenda to check for themselves the quality of training and decide for themselves whether the finishing school programs can benefit them, its first come and first serve basis and only the first 30 who register via email will be invited, please use this link to register asap Register using this contact form 


  • ·         Overview of Job Market & Current Opportunities
  • ·         Resume Building
  • ·         Facing interviews & Career Skills
  • ·         Ethics & Values
  • ·         Building Self Confidence