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    History of Java

    Java is a programming and Server language and a Platform. Java is a high level and object-oriented programming language. Java program run in any Hardware and software platform. Java training Divided into some parts: 1. Core JAVA 2 . Advance JAVA 3. Java SE 4. Java EE Now, Java is used in Mobile application create and Website Development etc. There are certain the main points that define the history of java. 1) James Gosling, Mike Sheridan, and Patrick Naughton introduced the Java language project in June 1991. The small team of sun engineers called Green Team. 2) First designed for small, embedded systems in electronic appliances like set-top boxes. 3) Originally, it was called "Greentalk" by James Gosling and file extension was .gt. 4) After that, it was called Oak and was established as a part of the Green project.