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  1. There are plenty of test cases of pen. You may find that ink can be tested in many ways. For example, making sure it stays on during the cold and extreme hot temperature. So these are some of the good things that come out.
  2. skysnap

    Want details about PYTHON

    Which python specific tool you want to learn? Or you want to learn how to interact with database using python? Depending on that answer will be different. For example Python connect with MySQL is lot easier. But python with other NoSQL would be lot different.
  3. skysnap

    What is Bug Life Cycle?

    Interesting explanation. I think with new dashboards and tools, the bug reporting is lot simplified. So tradition bug life cycle are more extended with apps like JIRA, Mantis etc. You can find testing bug life cycle. Another thing is that depending on company the reporting method will vary. And this lifecycle will look lot different too.
  4. skysnap

    Test plan Format

    There are many formats out there. I think you have to pick the one that applies for your company. You can also take a look at IEEE Test Plan format. There are also plenty of PDF plan format out there but those are more of generic in nature. You may want to take a look at IEEE Sample Test plan template.
  5. skysnap

    Suggest your MBA projects Ideas!!

    One of the idea that we didn't executed was - internship with app development company. For example for MBA final year project this can be really good. You can take companies app from 0 to specific level. And document the marketing and growth strategies applied. This can be a really good project. But you need startup for this project.
  6. skysnap

    What are your weaknesses?

    I think the answer should not affect your chances of getting recruited. So that answer must have something that shows you want to improve.