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  1. idealhr

    CTS call for written test

    Try to apply now as they may have new openings.
  2. idealhr

    tcs aptitude

    kindly provide the solutions for the above aptitude questions.
  3. idealhr

    ISOFT written test pattern

    Try online for various latest resources.
  4. This post on various aptitude questions and answers is really helpful. Thanks for the post.
  5. idealhr


    What is the solution to the above problem?
  6. idealhr

    Question of the Day (28/8/12)

    Area of the park =60×40=2400=60×40=2400 m2Given that area of the lawn =2109=2109 m2∴ Total area of the cross roads =2400−2109=291=2400−2109=291 m2Assume that the width of the cross roads =x=xThen, total area of the cross roads= Area of road 11 + Area of road 22 - (Common area of the cross roads)=60x+40x−x2=60x+40x−x2 Now, we haveTotal area of cross roads =60x+40x−x2=60x+40x−x2But total area of the cross roads =291=291 m2Hence,60x+40x−x2=291⇒100x−x2=291⇒x2−100x+291=0⇒(x−97)(x−3)=0 x=3. Therefore the width of the road is 3m.
  7. idealhr

    plz let me know tiz

    Please check their career page for more details.
  8. Spatial visualization ability or visual-spatial ability is the ability to mentally manipulate 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional figures.
  9. Can you provide the best solution for this puzzle? It would be really helpful.
  10. Thanks for providing the solution.
  11. The number next in the series is 34.
  12. idealhr

    How to prepare Cat Exam .

    Start your preparation with sheer determination. Whenever you feel demotivated, you can dream about the day when you will crack the exam and it will definitely motivate you.
  13. These solutions had really been helpful. Thanks for the post!
  14. idealhr

    SOLVE ME IF U CAN!!!!!!!!

    The answer would be 1/365.
  15. idealhr

    aptitiude question

    The destination place is 80 degree west to the starting place. Hence the time difference between these two places is 5 hour 20 min. (=24hr*80/360). When the flight landed, the time at the starting place is 12 noon (2 AM + 10 hours). Hence, the time at the destination place is 12 noon - 5:20 hours = 6: 40 AM