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  1. I am adding some more useful links for MAINFRAME Downloads and Tutorials: 1. Mainframe ABEND ASSIST FREEWARE Abend Assist is a Freeware program based on our 'Error Descriptor', used to find quick solutions for Mainframe Error Codes and Abnormal Ends. It supports 1. COBOL - File Status Codes 2. COBOL - Extended Status Codes 3. MVS - System Abends 4. JCL - Utilities Return Codes 5. VSAM - Status Codes 6. DB2 - SQL return Codes 7. CICS - Abnormal Ends 8. IMS - Status Codes 9. IDMS - Return Codes 10. REXX - Return Codes Download Here: Mainframe Downloads 2. GNU COBOL Compiler GnuCOBOL (formerly OpenCOBOL, and for a short time known as GNU Cobol) is a free implementation of the COBOL programming language. Download here: https://sourceforge.net/projects/open-cobol/ 3. What is Mainframe - A Complete Guide to Mainframe Computers http://ibmmainframes.com/references/a1.html 4. DB2 Interview Questions with Answers
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    IBM Websphere is a messaging middleware, or message oriented middleware (MOM). Supports asynchronous message transmission for tasks within one system, across systems, and across platforms. Performs messaging functions including translation, addressing, encryption, message integrity and guarantee of delivery. Removes the need for applications to perform these services. First released as Message Queue Manager (MQM) in 1993 by IBM. MQSeries for MVS was released in 1994. Renamed to Websphere MQ in 2002. Optional Client Attachments feature required for non-mainframe clients to communicate with a z/OS based queue manager.
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    Please have a look at this site to know about mainframe computers: http://ibmmainframes.com/wiki