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  1. This is closed until Jan 2016 .
  2. I have got many requests from different cities and along with many questions. Let me bring some clarify here. q) Is there a location constraint for this program ? Yes, right now I am looking ONLY for candidates from Bangalore since I have got the feasibility to setup a lab in Bangalore. But send me your details. I will keep you posted on the future batches (If I ever decide to go 100% online training). q) Do I provide job ? NO . This is not a job assurance or assistance program .You can search online for "Oracle DBA 0-1 Years exp" requirements.My goal is to make you best fit for that position. q) Does it cost ? yes . 10,000/month for my service and the lab usage .Which is very minimal compared to training centers . (This is a discounted price for the first batch) q) How long does it take to complete the course ? I would assume 1 month. q) What will happen after one month ? You can make use of the lab and continue to engage in the practical training. q)How different is this training You will work on actual work scenarios .We do lot of crash and burn exercises q) I am good programmer .Should I take DBA track. No .Do what you are good at. This program is for candidates who want to be DBAs . q) I do not know much about what is it like to be a DBA. Explore online. Seek advice from your mentors and seniors about it . Any questions, Feel free to write to me rk.vallayil@gmail.com (DONOT send a blank email with resume - Please) Or you can enroll here - http://goo.gl/forms/YiKkOXFBvl Thanks -RK
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    Unemployed and still a fresher since 2 years

    I understand what you all go through right now ! . I know a friend (back in 2004) who struggled for 2 years to get a job . He was not a technical person, he was not so good in communication and he always failed in the first round of interview itself. It was lot of frustration but he never gave up .He learnt from every failures .In 2 years he was too good in C,C++ concepts , aptitude or anything that companies asks. But again he always failed in the HR round ( because of poor communication skills) (funny ?) Next step , He attended some QA training and got placed in a small company , worked there for a year .All what he learnt in two years helped him perform better in the job and picked up other tech skills as well . He never had to look back since then and right now he is working with an MNC abroad . Few advice Phase:1 Never give up .Make network and learn aggressively . Try much as you can . Take up any small job that you get. Phase:2 Join any tech training . Join through reference . Somewhere you can use the lab much as you want. Learn from consultants who actually work in MNCs . Get hands on real work scenarios . Make sure you know the subject, just dont fake .
  4. I am starting a new program to assist fresh graduates to become an Oracle DBA . About DBA track&Program ,Read : http://dbascenarios.blogspot.com/2015/11/be-oracle-dba.html You are 1)Fresh graduate 2)Good knowledge of OS, Network,RDBMS concepts & Basic programming skills 3)Own a laptop or desktop to practice . 4)Ready to get hands dirty with oracle. 5)Good team player . Me Oracle DBA with 12 years of work experience ,Currently in California, US . My profile : https://www.linkedin.com/in/rajeevvallayil Note : This is not a placement program but its highly likely that you will make the cut THANKS Chetana Rajeev Contact rk.vallayil(at)gmail(dot)com Or message me on LinkedIN.
  5. I am starting a new program to assist fresh graduates to become an Oracle DBA . Read : http://dbascenarios.blogspot.com/2015/11/be-oracle-dba.html My profile : https://www.linkedin.com/in/rajeevvallayil Note : This is note a placement program . Thank you