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    Love our partner...

    Just now married couple enter in to a new house for enjoying te life. their relatives and friends give blessings and give happy mood them for better future.then and thereafter they think their job profiles and each one joining their jobs. their life started with enjoyment or whatever first step started homely life. After starting the life, both are pick-up and separate their views and tally each other daily. First year , some times first day start their requirments and querrel each other.The marriage brings life not only couples, each and every one recognise the couple is best couple of the among us. But couples failed life for ful fil their requirment and each other not understanding because of lock of time. is it true?Please I want to know about the situation happend this?1. this problem creating himself2. or problems under standing3. or lock of time for discussion4. or money minded5. or sorrounding people or circumstances, if specy fy6. or jobs profile7. or Education play the roll8. or their past play roll9. or Recognisation in front of each other10. My opinion is stop nagging each other. if agree with me