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  1. Hi all, I am just not able to understand whether i have 2 feel happy or sad !!!!!!!!! i got a call from verizon hyderabad and the eligibility criteria was "CONSISTENT 70%FROM 10TH" but my % in 10th is only 62% here is wat i received: plz help me whether i can attend this interview or not plz help i will b so thnkful to everybody forever plz reply soon
  2. as i am not having consistency in my % can i write falsy percentage in my 10th????????plz somebody replywill i face problem again????will they check everything?????????atleast 2 get a call i have 2 do so naaa????????plz reply soon!!!!!!!
  3. did any one in dis forum attended 4 huawei indiathen plz tell me da pattern it doesn't take much time plz jus tell me da pattern(how many questions were asked)i asked dis number of times but no answer but finally da day has come 4 me ;cos i have it on 8th n 9th plz its very urgent since its only 4 ece i m not able 2 guess wat kinda q's 'll b askedplz somebody reply
  4. "The distance b/w 2 places is 1000 miles and a man has a camel which eats an apple/mile. He has 3000 apples and want to transport from one to another. Camel can take 1000 apples at a time. when reaching the destination how many apples will be with him? "
  5. sry its 4 ece ppl only yaarr there no ECE ppl here atall who r appearing 4 da huawei indiacommon!!!!!!!!!!!reply here
  6. deewana63

    I am jobless - Death is Better than bearing...

    ChetanaS Sub forums like "motivation" and "success stories" are meant 4 not 2 get discouraged Go thru them !! There are lot of great success stories.it'll help a lot emotionally..
  7. deewana63

    Friends I want to know about CDAC

    i wud suggest u to go thru the cdac website 4 latest updates cos u will have to write an entrance exam n pass inthat in order 2 take coachingn i think u willn't have that opportunity since u don have %n ur bpo experience willn't b countedbetter u join in reputed institute which offers placement assistance with it n take gud coachin n gain indepth knowledge on any languages and rockALL THE BEST for ur efforts
  8. did u ppl checked dis out??? huawei india is recruitn 2008 passouts http://www.chetanasforum.com/index.php?showtopic=19351 all those who r apperin 4 huawei share ur ideas here huwei is one of worlds 1st telecom company n v have 2 use da opportunity and crack it on march 30th n aprl 1st all da best everybody n introduce ur self here
  9. plz tell me abt da job profile since its 4 ECE only i doubt whether its related to embedded field or communication n other details like pay and location
  10. deewana63


    thanx once again for everything buddy
  11. deewana63


    thank u lemme tell u da patternnearly 200 candidates attended ths intvwtotal 4 roundsfirst round was personal introduction round where v were asked to introduce ourself to everybody (30 members in each class)n surprisingly they selected only 2 members from each classthough some ppll spoke english well they were very selective2nd was voice and accent round where she asked to talk on some topic n she asked few questions on school days and who is your favorite teacher3rd round was written test wherein they asked questions on hardware n networkingn english was a bit toughaptitude was very easyn reasoning was oklast v had hr
  12. deewana63


    sure arunthank u 4 respondinv had a campus placement in our collegei m from hydif u want i can tell u da pattern in my next postif u know details then plz tell meu told its a gud job then it is creating interest 4 me alsocos i donno anything abt it:i thot its a bpo job n better miss itwat do u say ios it gudcos i don want 2 be in bpo being a btech studentbut ASPIrE program is there but some say that it is only to retain its employeesplz tell me if u have any information abt it
  13. deewana63

    2008 Passout

    hi i am shanthi 2008 pass out ECE branch
  14. recently i appeared for utkata soft solutions , hyderabadi just wanna know more about the companywhether it is gud or not?plz reply to the earliest
  15. can anybody send me the latest RAMCO paper (atleast pattern)cos i cudn't find latest papers or pattern only 2004 papers are thereplz tell me the best site for finding LATEST RAMCO papers