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  1. Hello every one , I would like to know if Technical support , IT Helpd desk or Service Desk Agent is a good starting career for BE/B.Tech graduate in CSE . I am 2012 passed out but do not have any working experience . I did RHCE certification just recently last year on september 2014 . I wanted to build my career in linux administration , but it seems companies are reluctant to give opportunities RHCE freshers and also there seem to be very less openings in linux . I attended few interviews for linux system admin in bangalore.In one I was selected for the final round , but the CEO of the company rejected me ( reason best known to her ) . So , being unemployed and having no working experience , I am quite in a fixed what to do next . Should I join any Tech support , Help Desk or Service Desk jobs . If I joined any one of them , would it be beneficial to enhance my career further ahead. Since I am RHCE certified , would doing a Tech support job would be a nuisance.I mean would it be the right thing to do . Please , suggest me your valuable views and help me out . But , I really don't want to work in any other field except Linux and Networking. Thanks
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    help me write my resume

    You can mention them as "HANDS ON EXPERIENCE" in your resume something like this: Hands on experience on Php,Mysql,linux,python,perl,bash scripting,asp.net etc etc.