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    hcl pattern

    hello friendsi need the test pattern for hcl... n even the number of rounds...
  2. sri.pujitha1988

    Infosys Pattern

    sorry i dont have any.. but u can practice them from cat or gre book..all the best
  3. sri.pujitha1988

    Infosys Pattern

    hi..i attended info had come to our campus on 7 , there r no puzzles first 40 min u will be given logic reasoning very easy secdo logic chap from logic reasoning from rs agarwal, data suffiency, data interpretation, find the next figure which follows the given pattern ,these u can do from rs. total ques-30 all topics 5 questions.then u will be given verbal-theme detection-5, passages-10 (do 15 min before) ,fill in blanks-5, correct sentences-5, a sentence will be given u need to find meaning of it-5.totAl -40q, time-30.sectional cut off-50% in reasoning, 65 or 60 % in verbalthen we had only hr round-i think it was easy hope this infor helps u in preparingall the best
  4. sri.pujitha1988

    verbal section

  5. sri.pujitha1988

    verbal section

    hello friends, iam new the forum... i have campus in the month of April can u please give some suggestions how to prepare for verbal sec??? is it necessary to learn all the words from barrons???? [/font][/font] please do reply...
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    hello... r there no one to reply????
  7. sri.pujitha1988


    hello friends...from where can i get c/c++ questions for campus??
  8. hello friends among 20-20 n 50-50 matches which is better???please do reply.........
  9. sri.pujitha1988


    hello friendshi this is pujitha iam in btech 3rd year , ece, iam here to get guidelines for preparing for my campus.have a nice day.
  10. ban against jodha akbar-- right or wrong???
  11. sri.pujitha1988

    Good looking people get better jobs !!!

    i don't agree with it we cant judge a person depending whether they r beautiful or not..beauty is not directly proportional to the knowledge... in tht case only beautiful ppl must get the jobs....more over its not a beauty contest.............
  12. but instead of wasting the company money on training newcomers they can directly give the proj to experienced ppl...if its a simpler proj then experienced person will finish it in less time..it will save the time n money.....