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  1. sweetpriya126

    HCL Technology placement papers 2010

    Great Work. Thank you
  2. sweetpriya126

    isoft placement paper

    Hi, Even I need the papers. Please do help out. I have the test on Mar 7th. Urgent reply needed.
  3. sweetpriya126


    U can use expresspdf.com Just select the document u want to convert and give ur mail id. It'll automatically be delivered to ur mail.
  4. I agree with what Siva said. Even I got an offer like this in a software company. Salary is 10000 for the 1st yr. 2yrs bond and have to submit my original. I rejected the offer since there are many openings coming up. Hope something good happens.
  5. sweetpriya126


    Hi, I have done my B.E.(CSE) and did my project in .Net. I have some knowledge in Asp.net. I thought of studying java and do a certification in the same but many people advised me to do a certification in .net as there are not much certified professionals in .net as compared to java.
  6. Hi, Maples ESM is the best for Mainframe training. The fee is some what b/w 35-38k.. It provides placement opportunities too .. Companies like Syntel,IBM,Wipro have recruited this month.. Hope this info is valuable..
  7. sweetpriya126

    3 bulbs and 3 switches

    hi, 1st switch on a bulb and switch it off aftr 5 mins..then switch on another bulb and then go to the 3rd floor to see which bulb is glowing..the bulb which is glowing now belongs to the 2nd switch...the bulb which is hot belongs to the 1st switch and the other bulb belongs to the 3rd switch...