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  1. ranganath.s

    Good looking people get better jobs !!!

    Some times, may work if opposite sex interviewer, Call centres & BPO's are looking the same. I too attended 15-20 interviewsAs i observed Male interviewers always admire to take female candidatesBut female interviewers are very tough to handle, they will not express feelings in face.
  2. ranganath.s

    Testing Jobs - any Opportunities ?

    Dear Sir,I am Ranganath. S, waiting for my results of final sem MCA, iam working as a co-ordinator from past 2.5 years in a government sector, My job includes Testing, Monitoring, Maitaining & Technical support for the application. My contact no is 9980604660My mail id is get.ranganath@gmail.comI forward to hear your call & to see your mail.Ranganath.S
  3. Hi,Black box testing means "Testing the build without knowing the internal structure i.e; code of a project " it will done by testers.butWhite box testing means " Testing the build by knowing the internal structure , usually it will be done by Developers"Retesting & Regression testing.ReTesting the application means the whole application will be tested again, But in regression testing only the additional features added to build will be tested.defect, error, bug, failure, faultDefect & Bug are the same : A defect is which is not suitable for user requirement. It may be additional feature or missing feature.error is which the application is going to rise in between working. (Fault may be same)failure is which will not totally suit customer requirement.
  4. Hi Friends My self, Ranganath. S from Bangalore looking for the company who can recognise my smart work. I am awaiting for my results of MCA final sem. I have around 2.8 months of experience related to Testing, Administrating, Monitoring a software from client side. Its my brief intro. I am planning to jump for testing field, since i have a manual testing skills, i am well verse about SDLC, Networking, VB.Net, SQL, Little knowledge of Java. I have already joined a Institute for learning Testing. Its kind of you if you explain what is the future perspective of Software testing. At present i have a good recognition in my organisation. Ranganath. S