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  1. saransowmi

    Searching job in Goverment sector - How to prepare ?

    Chetana mam i want a clarification.. Now i am undergoing apperentice training in VSNL, here full of telecommunication only.. I compleated my 7 months of one year duration.Now i want ask a question to u have i try my department (EEE) related jobs or i try to telecommunication field? Tell me what i have to do..
  2. saransowmi

    Got Placed In ACCENTURE

    hi congrt...Enjoy life to ur family... god is with u take care..
  3. saransowmi

    Searching job in Goverment sector - How to prepare ?

    Thanks for ur reply.. i feel now somewart better.. because most of my friends r tell me don't wast money for applying goverment jobs..Thats why me too think ... more talented person only got job in GOV sector... but after ur reply message i have a confident to prove my level.. so i started my preparationif u have any sugg mean pleas tell me...
  4. Dear friends,Me saravana i completed my B.E(EEE) 2007with 70%, Now me applying goverment jobs, so that i want to details for how to start prepare? more over lost five months i am tried lot of department like Air force,RRB,BELL,Nlc but not selected. I am not stop my searching.... but i am confuced with my preparation and time management section in inteviews, SO you only help me to how i can approach the interview? me really to hardwork my level best. i am average student only, me have communication skill also average only, lost one year i am faced lot of problems in my job searching period. so you pleas tell how can i approach my job searching part?
  5. HI DEAR FRIENDSI am saravana kumar, i am B.E(EEE)with70%, now i am undergoing apprentice training in VSNL, now i got stipend is not enough to run my level itself, Now i am in the swit.. to run my family also.. my switu.. is very bad..i had attend lot of interview but not selected any one.. me prepare lot of things but dont know what i am missing... me have confident to do lot of hardwork... but some time i feel bad..In my position i want to work any king of job,so i search job in other filelds... i know i am shift my field mean its very difficult to come again.so you pleas help me what i have to do now the time???/
  6. saransowmi

    Thank you for your chetanas Team

    Hi Hi congrrats... l know that how the job give happiness in a poor family.. me too till now searching job only.. so u pleas give me the details of Resume preparation,Thanku...
  7. saransowmi

    Please help me to choose my career path

    Hi friend this is saravana .. i am also the same branch as u study.. ya i sugg.. that u join the course in ccna because now a days all r concentrate in sofwere as in java.. j2e.. .net.. only.. u do best na prepare for it.ccna mean growth r high... job openings are also high only.. any way i am also new to this chetanas groupme to want help from others only.. ok u reply anything na pleas reply to saranperfect@hotmail.com...