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    I ruined my Job Career - What to do now ?

    And just have a look at these sections to see howmany non-dev / non-software jobs are there. http://www.chetanasforum.com/forum/42-management-jobs/ http://www.chetanasforum.com/forum/47-bpo-walk-in-jobs/
  2. surendras

    I ruined my Job Career - What to do now ?

    Hello... I can understand exactly what situation you are in. But just do note that this is not the end of world for you. You tried something different & that did not work for you. Thats not a crime. Thats just a lesson in life. Learn from your failure and move forward in life. If you have the strong determination to succeed, you can always come back from such losing situation. There are lot of people who were in same situation but successfully came out of it. There is no scarcity of jobs in India for talented people. Only thing matters is how do you approach this situation. I mean, your perception towards failure and how strong will power you have to get rid of this failure and succeed. Lot of Startups need people who are willing to work in non-software / non-development jobs. For eg, retail industry companies similar to below opening. You just need to try harder to find such companies & openings. As a first step, you did not mention few important things before others can suggest you something. 1) Whats ur location ? 2) 5 Years back, what technology u worked on ? Howmany years experience you had ? 3) What business you did ? Is it related to IT / SOFTWARE ? 4) Whats your Qualification, Aggregate % & Year of Passout ? 5) Are you good in Analytical Skills & English Communication (Oral & Written) ? 6) What ur friend is doing after the business failure ?
  3. ur problem for not getting calls is not the year of passout. it is the low percentages in 10th, 12th. ALMOST all MNCs put a criteria of 60% throughout academics. they give more value to academics than programming skills. so, u will not get any call letter from 99% of MNCs. if u r really good technically (JAVA), u can still get into lot of Startups and Medium sized companies that give more value to programming skills than the percentages. how good are you in JAVA ? Can you rate urself at least 8 out of 10 ? if so, its not difficult to get a job. First try to get into any small company (even with a low salary) and work for 2 years. If u r confident about your JAVA skills, complete official JAVA certification in next 3 months and simultaneously try for job. Attend all JAVA walkins in city. Keep track of www.JavaKen.com for all JAVA jobs. See if u can answer FAQs there. Expand your circle to refer you in their companies. Get in touch with all college friends working in various companies.
  4. hey Neha, Fake exp is the last resort to get a job. There are lot of problems associated with it. 2013 batch are not yet completely out of job opportunities. May be, u r not searching in right way. I believe lot of jobs are there in job market. Its just that people lack the correct way to search the jobs or the technical/communication skills to impress a recruiter. anyway, I think u should mention ur percentages in 10th, 12th, Graduation, PG. also, ur Technical Skills.
  5. surendras

    Suggestions Expected ... Regarding my Career

    Hi Guru, I am assuming you are currently working for small/medium sized company, but not a MNC. Every MNC will have some onsite opportunities. Whether they are short term or long term depends on company and project/client. Going to onsite first time is difficult as it involves VISA processing headaches for company. But once you make it, it should be relatively easy from next time. If you are looking for long term onsite, you have 2 options : 1) Join Indian MNCs like INFOSYS, TCS and they typically have 1+ Years onsite. There are many people in those companies who are staying at onsite for more than 5 Years. 2) You can directly apply for H1 (US) or for an Australian Visa to go through consultants and then do a job directly in that country. If you have some initial investment (for VISA processing charges and initial survival charges) and willing to take risk, this is the best option. But, I would say, do not think too much ahead. If you can master Selenium in 1 Year, then you may have so many opportunities. If you know some other automation tool also (along with Selenium) - lets say Performance Testing, then your chances will be better. Currently Selenium skill is hot in UK job market. But these job trends change every year. So, depends a bit on your luck also how the situation will be after 1-2 Years.
  6. Hi Roshan, If you are going for JAVA course, its better to complete a framework like SPRING (or) HIBERNATE. STRUTS is also good, but a bit outdated nowadays. If you are going for .NET course, .NET with C#, VB.net, SHAREPOINT will be good. If you are going for TESTING course, Automation Testing with SELENIUM will be good. But in current market, Testing is not in demand. So, don't go for it. I dont really suggest Microsoft Private Cloud course, as you may not find jobs for fresher. JAVA / .NET course is better in current market even though technology trends keep changing every 6 months. At the moment, .NET has more jobs than JAVA. If you already knew C++ (or) CORE JAVA, then making a JAVA/J2EE course makes more sense. If you are a novice to JAVA programming, then I suggest to go with .NET course. Not sure about institutes. But always go for the one that provides course completion certificate.
  7. surendras

    Job Hunt for long time without success - MS in UK

    Many who did MS in UK are in same situation as yours. Personally, I think you can go and attend all walkins where they mention M.Tech is allowed (though there wont be toomany for M.Tech) And just search this forum once for the term HUZAIFA. He did MS in UK few years back and was in same situation as yours. I think he got through all that bad phase. Take some inspiration ! Especially, read this post: http://www.ChetanaSforum.com/index.php?showtopic=5472
  8. surendras

    Need an urgent career advice

    hello dear, Why did you leave MAINFRAME job ? Were you not interested in that ? Do u have proper experience certificates for ur 2 years experience ? Did u work for small company or MNC ? Whats ur current location ? MBA in what ? Systems ? HR ? Finance ?
  9. surendras

    Does this mean I'm rejected? Please help.

    This delay is very common. The hiring freeze can happen even after all rounds (including HR) get completed. It happened to one of my friends as well.So, nothing is confirmed until you get a soft/hard copy of offer letter from Oracle.That's why I said, the chance is 50-50%.Point to note: Never resign from current company until you get soft/hard copy of offer letter from new company.
  10. surendras

    Does this mean I'm rejected? Please help.

    Well ! Big MNCs do this frequently. Sometimes, they keep candidates on hold for 3 to 6 months also. They will have toomany approvals for hiring that delays recruitment process, and sometimes may have sudden hiring freeze if an expected project gets cancelled.And I guess you are stuck in Christmas, new year and festival holidays as well, as most of HRs don't recruit during this time.The consultancy may not be lying to you. They may also be unsure of response from Oracle. But realistic chance for you is 50-50%.I would suggest to keep in touch with consultancy until you hear a proper Rejection. And at same time, keep applying for other MNC jobs.Its good if you get into Oracle. But don't be disappointed if you don't. Everything happens for a reason and you never know if a better company is waiting for you.
  11. surendras

    Scope of Protocol Testing for Freshers

    Protocol Testing is the best field in testing. No doubt about that !But I doubt if toomany jobs are there for freshers in Protocol Testing.Dont join that course unless you have a job assurance from the institute.Personally, I think GAME/MOBILE TESTING may have more jobs and good future.Research thru you own sources and try that !
  12. surendras

    Not Getting Interview Calls

    frankly, its difficult to justify/support your 10th percentage in interviews.nowadays, TESTING jobs for freshers have reduced. that's another problem !anyway, which location you are at ?
  13. surendras

    Confused in taking decision about resignation

    Ok ! If Onsite is your priority, I think you should change the company NOW !Think your options and take a decision.Just to remind you, the more experience you may get, the long term onsite chances may become less. That's because developers and module leads typically get more long term onsite chances than project managers.
  14. surendras


    are u trying for Mechanical jobs only (or) software jobs ?
  15. surendras

    Confused in taking decision about resignation

    If you ultimately want to get into good branded company and looking for onsite chances, then, its better to shift NOW.Every company will try to retain employees when they are resigning and they will try to offer whatever they can to make you stay back. Same situation will repeat even if you want to resign again next year.But your preferences matter. Forget about those 2 lakhs difference. And join CTS / TCS.If you really get an onsite chance, you can fill those 2 lakhs gap in salary within 2 months.So, don't worry about salary right now. Do what you are aiming for.But don't expect work-life balance or onsite chances in any company. Its not for 100% sure. Lot depends on the project and client also.So, if you want brand, just shift and then try to prove yourself for 1 year. You will get your onsite chances or else you can shift again.My cousin worked in a small company in SAP and then shifted to TCS for less salary. He got long term onsite within 9 months.Whats your technology ?