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    critical stage

    hello,i am currently going internship as a part of college curiculum for 6 months and its about to over in the july month. i am in a great confusion of what to do side by side.i mean whether to prepare for gate or for how to look for private technical jobs.my preference is to job first rather than study further and i also want to go in some technical(electrical and electronics firm).also,a great feeling of sadness creeps in my mind evrytime i see all the jobs are related to IT firm,and i knownil about the languages(c ,c++,etc)as i am from medical with maths stream.please guide me on the right track...waiting for ur response a.s.a.p.thank you
  2. nikhilkaushik22

    2013 eee fresher

    can u tell me some companies near delhi&ncr which hire freshers.????please
  3. nikhilkaushik22

    2013 eee fresher

    ya,but almost all the companies hardly take any freshers.also,they may be chances that they reply late. u know ,what i am trying to say.it will be disgusting for me if i get a vacancy in 2014 or later.
  4. nikhilkaushik22

    2013 eee fresher

    hello sir/mam, i am going to passout in july,2013 from a pvt.college.i am doing btech in eee and presently undergoing internship at schneider electric company.its a 6 months industrial training.i am now in a great confusion as how to look for jobs and my interest is in core technical field.i have no backlogs ever in my enginerring exams. please suggest me the electrcial and electronics companies recruiting 2013 btech freshers.i just want a push towards my good career.for now.salary doesnt mean much to me..please respond asap.eagerly waiting for your reply thankyou
  5. nikhilkaushik22

    Hi from Chetana

    heyaau havent yet get indulged anywhere??? so what u did in these last years???hmm
  6. nikhilkaushik22

    Hi from Chetana

    HI TO THE CONCERNED GUYS,i am nikhil.i have my last semester of btech(eee) going on in as an intern in schneider electric company.i am looking for some jobs having technical stuff. i need some career guyidance how to start after this internship>.please help me out. thankyou