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    About Mainframe Technologies

    Hi Srinivasan And Aslam, maples provide placement assistance of 3 to 5 companies among their clients. i am also a ECE 2008 passed out candidate.I was working with TCS e-Serve from June 2008 to June 2010.I am one among the engg graduates who changed their domain to BPO sector.Now i am doing mainframe training @ Maples ESM Technologies.. I joined on June 14 ,2010 and was very enthusiatic at beginning of JCL,but since i was with BPO for 2 years and not from programming background like (BE-CSE/IT),I did not grasp anymore and did not put any more efforts on my side to understand.Now i am in my CICS case study.my batch program ends by this month. My advice to frnds from other streams(BE-ECE,Mech,EEEE) and BE grads working in other domain risking to move to IT to any programming side is,If u r confident of u & ur programming skills go for it. rmsmubarak@gmail.com
  2. mubarak _y2k2

    CICS Abend APC0

    Hi Friends, I am unable to view my map structure using the command CECI SEND MAP('EMP') MAPSET('CDAL286'). While compiling the JCL,the MAXCC=0,but i could not invoke the load module in CICS region and it is showing the abend APC0. *EMP is mapname & CDAL286 is my userid.I could not design any new map to my casestudy coz of this abend. I have tried by deleting the load module from the procedure library as per my trainer ,but could not resolve the issue. Pls help me.
  3. CITIGROUP GLOBAL SERVICES LIMITED (CGSL) http://www.citigroupglobalservices.com Semi-voice : Band 1 Graduates with / without Industry Experience(If Candidate is BE should have minimum 12 months of experience) Category of Job : BPO PROCESS : CONSUMER REAL ESTATE LENDING DESIRED CANDIDATE PROFILE : 1.Good in Analytics,Logic,Mathematics. 2.grammatically correct usage of English. 3.Willing to learn,stay and grow. 4.Comfortable in using computers 5.US shift only (Night shift) 6.Saturday & Sunday Fixed off RECRUITMENT VENUE: Spencers Plaza, Phase III,9th Floor, 769 Anna Salai, Chennai - 600 002 Tel: +91 44 4224 7333 DATE : OCTOBER 28-31 TIME: 3 PM - 6 PM EMPLOYEE NAME : MUBARAK BASHEER EMPLOYEE NO. :116836 REQUIREMENTS:(Walk-in Directly to the venue) 1.Resume 2.xerox copies of your certificates (school, college) 3.Three passport size photos All the Best