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  1. naveen_b07

    Fresher-2007 : I am not placed anywhere...

    hi deepthiI donno abt L&T and CSC am telling abt softsol mam.
  2. naveen_b07

    Fresher-2007 : I am not placed anywhere...

    hi hema(deepthi)i think their is no hallticket procedure in this firm, their r directly conducting interviews and i dont no any one their am also searching 4 job,am also a 2007 batch b-tech fresher. and the members plz post the vacancies those r held in hyd only.
  3. naveen_b07

    Fresher-2007 : I am not placed anywhere...

    hi deepthi, http://mail.google.com/mail/?shva=1&di...heck=1&ui=1 here u can find the details about the softsol company and dont go for roadsilk infosys they are having only back door entries, and one more thing data warehousing(DWH) is good then database if u want to learn any new courses learn DWH. Do u hav any referrence's???????
  4. naveen_b07

    Fresher-2007 : I am not placed anywhere...

    yes deepthi softsol(madhapur) and roadsilk infosys(sr nagar) are recruting freshers now they jst want 60% in all acadamics and java skills i think u hav both
  5. naveen_b07

    Fresher-2007 : I am not placed anywhere...

    Hi Deepthi, Directly placing is a level1 firm is not a easy thing i think u hav better %'s in all academics so apply to any firm itz not a matter dat is level 1 or 2 or 3. First u has to get exp. Presently softsol and roadsilk infosys is having vacancies on java platform. If u want the details abt those firm's jst send ur @ address to memine @ is naveen.bachu@gmail.com. I got mails frm those firms i ill forward those to ur ID ok.All the best.
  6. naveen_b07

    2007 Passout Fresher - Suggestions Please !!

    Hi Gayathri, Ur planning to learn Java is good thing but as much we learn java we ill forget that so u has to keep practicing it so much and DWH(data ware housing) is good den oracle. Already so much time is wasted know dont waste time hurry to join any course and apply to all the companies no prob is it level 1 company level 3 company first we has to get experience. If we get 2 yrs of exp den their is no prob in jumping to any firm. All The Best.
  7. naveen_b07


    1.) 120 to 140becauseon going 3 and 1/2 hrs =140 kmscomming bak 4 and 1/2hrs = 135 kmsso approx 137 kms dey hav travelled (120 to 140 approx).2.) 2 gallons3.) donno
  8. previous 16 innings avg=34present including 17th innings=37