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  1. aadi

    Syntel or Infosys : Which one to join ?

    d ultimate choice is infosys only no need to hesitate.......all d best......
  2. hi buddy if u were not able to concentrate on both thingsthen better go for the certifications it has a good scopein d future......aadi
  3. hi buddy just say them that as ur background is technical i am a good event manager so i thought y cant i try for the jobs where i can show managing skills in dealing with the people. and as my back ground is IT it ll b a plus point for me if i join in HR as i am having both HR skills and Technical skills which will b useful in interviewing the candiates..........and for BPO just say them that right now i am lookin for a job whr i can earn the money for myself. so thinkin that i thought i am suitable for the BPO jobs as my communication skills are good which is the basic requirement for this job and i am flexible in doing shifts.aadi
  4. aadi

    Infosys Off-Campus : I attended twice : Can I attend again ?

    no buddy u should not attend if u have completed nine months then go becoz even if u have got selected also they ll sack u if they come to know about this..........aadi
  5. congrats buddy n all the best in ur future....aadi
  6. aadi

    Xansa - Should I join or not ?

    hi buddy for onsite opportunities u can get in tcs only. so its ur decision but do one thing did the xansa firm told u tht they ll send u to the onsite if not then stay in tcs only definetly u can get the onsite opportunity.aadi
  7. aadi

    Xansa - Should I join or not ?

    hi buddy xansa is good firm but compared to tcs it is in lowere rank so if u want to change the platform then go for it or else if u wish to continue in the same platform mainframes only and want to shift then wait for some other good firm with good package and onsite oppurtunities if ur willin to go.aadi
  8. aadi

    TCS or IBM ? Which one to join ?

    hi sarada its better go for ibm the pay package is goodcompared to tcs. and thr ll b no bond.....my advice is join in ibm only if ur not tht muchkeen on onsite becoz after two yrs work ex in ibmu ll get more chances to onsite.......all the bestaadi
  9. aadi

    (1+ Years) 'IBM' - Multiple Requirements !

    hi buddy thanks for the info............aadi
  10. aadi

    Shift from BPO to Testing

    hi go for niit..........aadi
  11. the ultimate answer is parents only.y because is tht the employer recruits u for his profit not for urself and we r workin for the money so thr won't b any personal attachment..... even though if we die one day the employer will recruit another guy in tht place after one day whr as whn comin to our parents they ll remember us forever.......aadi
  12. hi buddy whn u were not able to attend the interview at tht time thenu have to call the hr of tcs n tell ur problem so tht they can postpone urinterview but u didn't do tht now waiting for another chance. definetly they ll call 2006 freshers but it may take time n u have to bupdated with all the news about the openings. try some other companiesalso like infosys, satyam ok then all the best..........aadi
  13. hi buddy as u were in blore then look into the companies like robert bosch, hcl and delphi....and apart from blore try for some other companies also. l&t embedded sys needs 2000 ppl for the embedded in this yr n 2008. so look for www.ChetanaS.com & www.ChetanaSforum.com for walkins and jobs and apply for all the companies if at all thr is an opening. one more thing is tht as u had a good academic backgroud and told tht u were taken the embedded course, then go for walkins and try to defend urself so tht u may get a chance. all the best for ur job search.... aditya