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  1. Hello, Networking - Interview Questions and Answers. I directly find it from Google and copy paste. But it is useful. http://www.indiabix.com/technical/networking/ Thanks
  2. crm

    ccna networking job

    Hello,For CCNA, CCNP job send resume here - tanvi@employee.comThanks
  3. Hello,Not getting job because of 1 or 2 years gap is really bad. Nidhi you give good suggestion, it is appreciable. I think fake certificate is one way and other is search more and more job somewhere get chance of selection.Best of luck for allThanks
  4. crm

    Software Testing Job Doubts

    Hello,Hey Software testing is good field. Salary for fresher 4 lakh per annum in MNC.Thanks
  5. crm

    paxterra solution

    Hello,Hey you can find it from Google. Search on Google might you have got it.Thanks
  6. crm


    Hello,What is the value of ^? This is ASCII sign.Thanks
  7. crm

    job in networking

    Hello, Try job search here - http://jobs.acit.in/advanceSearch.html Thanks
  8. crm

    job in networking

    Hello, Search jobs on Google and Job portal sites. Thanks
  9. crm

    ccna networking job

    Hello Thiyagu,Search jobs in Google and job portals like Naukri, Monster, Timesjobs, Shine etc. One more job portal is goog to search Cisco certified jobs, CCIE job is ACIT job portal. Also check other Cisco courses training institutes and their job portal.Best of luck, be in touchThanks
  10. crm

    ccna networking job

    Hello,Yes i am doing a job.Thanks
  11. Hi,Ok, i inform my friends about this software developer openings to my friends who needed.Thanks
  12. crm

    best training institutes for .Net

    Hi, For Best .Net training institutes in Chennai Visit : http://www.yet5.com/training/1/5/10/net-tr...in-Chennai.html Thanks
  13. crm


    Hi,Don't blame India. You didn't get Job is your problem. Everyone has difficulty in getting job when they are fresher. Don't afraid will get job. Improve your weak points. Update resume in Naukri, Monster, Shine.Thanks