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    pls solve this puzzle

    1.let the CP of two cows be x and y.Now acc to given statements---(x+10x/100) + (y-10y/100) = 210[10%profit as 10/100 of CP of first cow and like wise for other]also,total profit is 5%,hence (x+y)+5/100(x+y) = 210solving both equations---Cost Price of cows is Rs.100 each.3.let the no. of female clerks be F.Let no. of male clerks be M.according to given stat---2F+M=30F+3M=30solving both equations---M=6,F=124.i guess answer is Monday.As the day after tommorow is Sunday.The day before sunday is saturday.And said is 2 days after this day(saturday)---So ans is Monday.
  2. Hi Chetna mam,I want to do some certification course in UNIX.I want to know about any online test through which I can get a good certificate.Please provide me the info.Thanks & Regards,Arnica
  3. arnica

    pls solve this puzzle

    3...James has come out of Jail after 6 years. When he was punished with imprisonment, his age was 5 times his son's age. Now, his age is 3 times his son's age. What was his age when his son was born?Ans: let Son's Age at the time of father's imprisonment as 'x'yrs. So father's age that time was '5x'. After 6 yrs his age should be (5x+6) and son's age should be (x+6). According to the given ststement father's age is 3 times son's age. So (5x+6) = 3(x+6) solving x = 6.So father's age that tim is (5x=30). Hence at time of his son's birth his age was (30-6 = 24yrs).
  4. 464. There are three types of birds A,B & C . A costs 5pounds, B costs 3 Pounds and C costs 1/3 of a pound. find the no. of A,B &C such that u will get 100 birds for 100 pounds. (I think we were suppose to find 3 answers since there were 3 rows in the answer) ans: A=4 B=18 C=78Ans:Here as we need 100 birds of 100 rs,so it is for sure bird A will be minimum.One more thing-- No.of birds of type C will always be in multiple of 3 as the prize is (1/3) and they will be more as compared to other two.So keeping these two things in mind ,let us talk case wise.CASE ISay,No. of A type bird--1 (prize will be rs5)Take the combinations of B anc C.(keeping 'A' as fixed,suppose no. of 'C' and then consider remianing as 'B') A---------------B----------------C 1(5)-----------------------------99(say)------------Not possible(99+1=100,so b will be zero) --------------3(rs9)-------------96(rs32)-----------not possible(32+9+5=46#100) --------------6(rs18)------------93(rs31)-----------not possible(31+18+5=54#100) --------------9(rs27)------------90(rs30)-----------not possible(30+27+5=62#100) --------------12(rs36)-----------87(rs29)----------not possible(29+36+5=60#100)Here if you observe the total prize has decreased from rs 62 to Rs 60...Hence no use going ahead.Likewise try for A=2,3Now Going to A=4 in the same manner ....You can find your answer as A=4,B=18,C=78.Normally companies want only a single answer but if you want to find the remaining answers also ,follow the same procedure.
  5. Q:14--- 2,3,6,7 using these numbers form the possible four digit numbers that are divisible by 4. ans:8Ans:A number is divisible by 4, if its two last digits are zeros or they make a two-digit number, which is divisible by 4.So using our digits -possible combinations of last two digits are--32,36,72,76 which can be divided by 4.(try like---23NA,26NA,27NA,32A,36A....)now use remaining two digits with the above combinations and hence the answer turns upto 8.
  6. arnica

    (QUERY) WIPRO papers needed

    Hi Dasarisrikar,I have got 5 papers of latest yrs.I am attching them.Please check.Regards,ArnicaWIPRO.doc WIPRO.doc
  7. HiI am Arnica.I am working in C++ on windows.I have an experience of 1.5 yrs.I want to know whether there is any online test or any exam for getting UNIX certification.if anybody has any idea please help.Regards,Arnica
  8. i am looking for some certification in UNIX,I want to know what is the best certificate avavilable and how to appear for the test.What are the other prerequisites?