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  1. I want to know the function of modi.e.1 (mod 9)=?i found that1999=1(mod 9)but i dont how it comesplease tell me the answer?I know this is a silly question. but i dont know this.
  2. There is a formula for this calculation. I think it is an AP(Atithmetic Progression) AP Formula is: 1+2+3+............+n= n(n+1)/2 so according to your problem the ans is 1+2+3+..........=4444= 4444(4445)/2= 9876790 I dont know i am correct or not. but for all examples this formula works please reply me if it is correct or not. I am sorry i wronlgy understood the question. What chetnas said was correct. I was wrong. Please dont mistake me. The above solution i gave was a wrong method and a wrong answer. But what fo the numbers in 3 digits, 2 digits and 1 digit. for eg: 123, 134,111, 12, 14,23, etc. whether we should not calculate that for this one. reply me