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  2. NetSuite software is an online service that helps companies to manage all primary business processes at all at one place, such as inventory, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), finance management, ecommerce, and CRM. As a single cloud solution, NetSuite works as a multi-faceted asset that takes care a business fully.

    Founded in 1998, NetSuite is used worldwide and some of the prominent locations of businesses are – U.S, U.K, Italy, France, Australia, Netherlands, Spain, Germany, Canada, China, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, India.

    Some of the prominent business sectors that use NetSuite are – eCommerce, business, vehicles, sports, health, technology etc.,

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  4. ankitdixit

    which model is best for testing?

    Hello All, I am working on a freelance testing project and I want to know which model is better for testing in the process and concept point of view between agile and waterfall. Yesterday when i search for differences between them I found this informative post and as I know waterfall methodology is a systematic developing method that may be rather rigorous at times as well as once the project development begins, there is no way to change the specifications if any are required but not an idea about agile. Can anyone know which model is best in software testing?
  5. Madhavi0217

    I want experience certificate - how to get it ?

    Hi, I am looking to get for experience letter for IT company. my brother who is completing his masters outside india, need to show experience letter in bangalore .Please share me ur email id and contact number. to share further details Waiting for ur response, Thanks!
  6. Hello All, I want to know which profile is best from a future point of view and salary point of view. Both are trending and needful for every industry but I want to know which profile will assure a future after 5 years and I have checked some post on google to clarify the career growth between both of them. Can anyone suggest the best option?
  7. What is the Importance of Investing in Web Development for Businesses?



    Technologies evolve every day and bring new opportunities for businesses. With these technological advances, companies can catch up with the opportunities they bring for them. Web development is the epitome of technological advances that have brought about many changes in the business domain today. It is hard for a business with no website to grow and succeed in the present world compared to one having a website. 

    By investing in website development services, an entrepreneur can develop a top-notch website that establishes an online presence and helps him grow his brand. In fact, through this way you can build a website with the latest web development trends to stay ahead of your competitors. 

    So websites have become indispensable for any business, and their importance in the contemporary world is absolute. Moreover, the following are some points to describe the importance of web development for businesses.


    More accessible

    A physical business is accessible only to local buyers. On the other hand, a website is accessible in every part of the world. Consequently, a website offers a broad reach to your business. Further, buyers can access your website anytime from anywhere. The website provides a space to be accessible from anywhere people can use to do what they need. With professional web development services, you can develop a multilingual and multi-currency website that will allow customers from different countries to access it in their languages and buy products in their own currencies. 


    Provide reliability and credibility

    A website offers effective communication with customers and visitors, and it serves as a bridge for any business. Also, it can use social media integration to harness social proof for its benefits. Interactions and engagement with customers show that the business cares about customer satisfaction and is responsive to their needs. All these things contribute to the credibility and reliability of a company. Gaining the trust of customers is essential for the success of any firm. So, your investment in website development is a big move to your growth. 


    24/7 availability

    Making your shop or company available 24/7 isn’t possible because you have limitations of time and workforce. But, a website is beyond these limitations, and it is available not only from dusk to dawn but also after that. Further, a website can work according to different time zones to function smoothly in other countries. So, anyone can visit your website from any part of the world irrespective of what time it is in your country. Hire web developer and create a top-notch website to have the opportunity to make your business available 24/7. 


    SEO & traffic

    Websites appear on the search results pages when someone types in something on a search engine like Google. Moreover, search engines use complex algorithms to index and rank websites in a user’s search response. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plays a crucial role in how a website will appear on the search engine results pages. By following the best SEO practices, you can gain a good ranking of your site on search results pages. The better the ranking your site has, the more traffic you will generate. Hence, you can take advantage of search engine optimization to drive more traffic to your website and maximize your revenues. 

    You should know that investing in website development is much more than creating a tailored website to meet your specific needs. It helps you to establish a unique identity on the web. You need to know everything about custom web development to figure out how it provides significant advantages to your business. 


    Wrapping up!

    The Internet has become so integral in everyone’s life that people spend most of the time browsing the web, whether it is for shopping, finding information, or for office work. The impact of COVID-19 has also made the internet more vital for us. People use it to buy essentials, work from home, and stay updated with the latest information. So, the importance of websites is way higher than we expect. 


    Consequently, investing in website development is essential for the survival of any business today. You need to partner with a reliable web development company to develop a perfect website for your company and ensure the growth of your business.

  8. A Comprehensive Guide on Sketch to WordPress Conversion ProcessA-Comprehensive-Guide-on-Sketch-to-WordPress-Conversion-Process-2-1024x1024.thumb.jpg.9571c8568bd78e85cfc6aa2180feab86.jpg

    Websites have become crucial for businesses regardless of their types and scales. Moreover, there is a need for more vibrant, attractive, and user-friendly websites and developers are utilizing varied methods to build such websites. Sketch to WordPress conversion is a trending and useful method to build excellent websites that meet the specific requirements of a business. Under this method, a Sketch design file is created to visualize the actual website that includes all the features and functionalities that a business needs. A professional developer can help to convert that Sketch design file into a WordPress theme. 

    An Overview About Sketch

    The sketch is basically software that is primarily used for creating UI/UX for websites and mobile applications. This software comes with lots of features and benefits that make UI/UX designing easy and hassle-free. Web developers often utilize this tool to help clients visualize their websites in the form of a simple and comprehensive design. A Sketch file includes varied details and features of a website that enable a web developer to code the website accordingly. Sketch to WordPress code is one of the key trends in web development today. It offers a reliable and powerful way to build top-notch websites that fulfill all requirements of clients. 

    Sketch To WordPress Checklist

    Sketch offers numerous features and benefits that help in envisioning the layout and structure of a website. When a business opts for the Sketch to WordPress process, it needs to have a Sketch file ready then choose the right technology company to convert it to a WordPress theme. Although when it comes to converting Sketch files into WP theme, there are manual methods and automated tools. The process is somewhat similar to the process of PSD to WordPress conversion in many aspects. 

    There are lots of online automated tools that you can find on the web to perform the conversion process. However, these tools fail to provide quality and precise conversion. By using a manual conversion method, you can build outstanding WP themes based on the Sketch files. The following is a complete checklist of the process of converting Sketch to a WordPress theme. 

    • Preparation

    • Analyze the file

    • Export Sketch files

    • Sketch to HTML

    • HTML to WordPress

    • Testing 

    • Add theme



    Read Full Article : - A Comprehensive Guide on Sketch to WordPress Conversion Process



  9. Hari.U.K

    Need advice on Career

    Dear Chetanaites, I'm a BE - ECE graduate, having 4 years of experience in e-publishing (typesetting) field. Since the field growth is low, I need to switch to any better job in IT/bank/government sectors. But I'm not clear which one to choose. I'm not interested much in coding. I know basics of AWS (Amazon Web Services), basic editing in XML. Due to pandemic lot of govt/bank jobs are on hold. If anyone could guide me to choose a suitable career, I'll be grateful for them. I've attached my resume herewith. Recently relieved from my job, so I can join immediately. I'm not interested in social media, so I don't have any account except WhatsApp, Gmail, naukri.com. So, please share me via Gmail or in this topic. Mobile number and Gmail id are in resume attached with this topic. Thanks & Regards, Hari Prasath Hari Prasath - Resume.pdf

    Why Should You Choose Custom Development For Your Web Development Project?




    When it comes to developing a website, there are multiple ways to do this. You can utilize a content management system like WordPress along with a paid theme to build a suitable website easily. But using these readymade themes cannot let you create a unique website for your business with custom features. Here comes the role of a custom web development service that enables you to develop a well-customized website according to your needs. By opting for the custom website development method, you can build the right website for your business that meets all your requirements. The following are some key reasons why you should choose custom development for your web development project. 

    Offer Uniqueness

    One of the key reasons for choosing a custom website is that you will have a unique and superior website that will have all the features and functions required by your business. You can decide on how your website should look and what functionality it should have to build a custom piece that fits all your needs. Unlike websites that use pre-built themes, custom websites have many features that are not available on any other website. The same pre-built themes are used by multiple websites, so they lack uniqueness.

    Strengthened Brand Image

    Having a unique online presence is important to make a distinct identity of your business from other businesses in the market. The unique look and feel of your website resonates well with your brand message and forms a robust image of your business. To have a unique website, you need to develop it with a different approach than using any readymade solutions. A custom website strengthens your brand image and enables you to build an innovative solution based on your needs and requirements. You can build a robust website with the help of reliable custom web development services.  

    Good For Future Expansion

    Another key advantage of opting for custom web development is that it enables the creation of a website that allows for future expansion. It means you will have the freedom to make tweaks and adjustments or restructure your website to meet your future requirements. A custom website offers scalability that enables you to expand it as your brand grows. Hence websites created with the custom development approach offer the possibility for modifications and adjustments as per your requirements. 

    Excellent Features

    While a pre-built theme comes with certain features that may or may not fulfill your needs, a custom website can have better features. With the custom development approach, you can develop a website with custom features, user-centric functionality, SEO-friendly and responsive layout, add more complexity, as well as integrate strong security features. With the help of a perfect web development company, you can take advantage of the custom development method to build the website of your dream.

    Wrapping Up

    Websites have become a crucial investment for every business today. However, developing the right website is important to fulfill the long-term objectives of a business. You have multiple ways to develop a website like you can choose a pre-built theme to build your site or outsource your project to a website development company to create a custom website as per your unique requirements. 

    When it comes to making a choice then you should choose custom web development for your web development project because this method lets you create a unique website with custom features. You need to pick the right approach to website development to create a perfect website for your business. A custom website can fulfill all your requirements because it is specifically based on your requirements. 



    CSSChopper is a top-rated web development company and has been providing a wide range of web development services for 12+ years. Having a team of well-experienced, certified, and proficient web developers, we have delivered 15000+ projects providing delightful experience to thousands of customers. CSSChopper envisions to be a leading web development firm globally with innovative services and client-centric solutions. Our developers are not only proficient in the latest web development technologies but they are also ready for any new challenge. With our expertise in technology and adaptability to changes, we adopt the best approaches and work styles.

    CSSChopper is a strong team of developers, thinkers, and professionals who work with a unique approach to deliver topmost solutions to clients. In addition to web development, we offer eCommerce development, front-end development, and hiring services. Whether it is about PSD to HTML conversion, PSD to WordPress conversion, or converting any other design files, we have the best professionals to perform the conversion. Our developers create user-friendly and attractive websites with SEO-friendly and W3C valid code. They can also build responsive websites that render well on all kinds of devices. Self-confidence, perseverance, and innovation are the key traits of every web developer in our team.

  12. My name is Rajasekar. Now i'm looking for job in system administrator, desktop support engineer.

    RAJASEKAR 01-04-2021.pdf

  13. MadhuriReddyYerrannagari

    Technical support Engineer

    As experienced candidate, looking for job as technical support Engineer, windows Admin , jobs related to technical, application support
  14. B.Tech is stated with technology that has got positive flashback from all sectors of economy. Today, the technology has been used in all functions of society from one to another way. Trinity Institute of Innovations in Professional Studies (TIIPS) is the best B.Tech college in Delhi NCR, Greater Noida. Register Now To Apply! Contact Information: Name: Trinity Institute of Innovations in Professional Studies (TIIPS)
  15. hi
    Sathish kumar K G , here currently working in 3Edge Solutions as Junior Associate (Software Testing) and total experience in testing around 2.5 years. Projects involved in E-commerce project "www.cosmomo.com"and Student learning Application such as Studawn  app(Mobile Application).


    *Analyze functional flow as per requirements and finding Loophole.

    *Preparing Test scenario and Test case.

    *Analyze the Test result as per Actual result.

    *Tracking the bug through Azure devops, Notion for web.

    *Regression and Retesting.

    *Mobile Application testing on Virtual (Simulator) and Real device both Android and iOS.

    *Client interaction, Team work

    *API testing.

  16. Rajesh2912

    project coordinator

    I am looking for a project coordinator job in any well reputed company.
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