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Hi, just follow the following steps/tips which will definitely help you in your WIPRO-BPO interview process:



1. First round: English written test. (prepare articles, prepositions, sentence correction,

ordering of sentences.)



2. Second round: Personal Interview. (Prepare questions like:- Tell me abt. urself, speak for

3 minutes on a topic ( life, friendship etc.)(Here your accent and grammar will be checked..

Be careful), Why Bpo? (If you are a B.Tech/B.E/MCA), Tongue Twisters (around 15) etc.) *ELIMINATION ROUND*


3. Third round: Technical test (Prepare networks, OS, basic computation) like:-



a. what is NIC?


b. define ping/ipconfig/dhcp etc. they can ask you to explain with a scenario.


c. Basic Computer knowledge (Like - how to locate lan settings, how to get into internet or

hardware properties, how to check your domain and the computer name etc.)


d. Basic Internet knowledge.


e. How can you create a LAN?


f. Types of cables and which one is used where?


g. Network Layers/architecture. Types and related protocols (TCP/IP, FTP, SMTP..)


h. Basic file structure.


i. Win XP vs Win 98??


j. LAN / WAN / MAN.


k. Types of memory.


l. Router vs Hub vs Switch.


m. What is MODEM?

n. Types of movie file formats.


o. Broadband vs Baseband. etc.



4. Fourth round: Final HR - just a formality (They will explain you the salary structure etc.)

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