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I showed 1 Year Experience in Resume...

Hi All ,


Im one of the menber of this Forum..i've a question.. after my studies there is one year gap and now i searching job but beacuse of this gap there is littile problem so i showed 1 year Industry Exp. but there r some question which i should know for interview..


(How u developed project in ur privious company ) What are the processes involve for project development in any s/w it goes in steps till

completion. Very concise manner i want to team size select for perticular project

.How they plan..what r there people come into interaction during this phase . Anlysis,what they do before going for actual development..what r the documents needed to create.. how they they approve and freez

Please reply me if anybody knows..its realy very inmportant for me...


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Guest Prakash2757

Dear Rahul,Frankly saying you have made a boat with a hole & travelling in the middle of an ocean.I am sorry if you felt bad, but Try checking Times of India(Bangalore edition) few months back. Companies like Infy, Accenture & IBM has kicked out so many employees just due to fake experience. I do know that there are still people working with such exp. but its all luck. It they are caught they are at the end of their career. I am sorry I would not be able to advice you on this.

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