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Why you want to join our Company ? What are your shortterm n long tem career goals?

Mam & other Chetanaites,

Why you want to join our Company ?

I was asked this question in many HR interviews. i want to know what shoudl I answer.

i was also asked

What are your shortterm n long tem career goals?

pls give some good idea on these. i think they will be useful for others also.

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Dear Ravi,

I already answered this question at below link.

However I am attaching the same reply here. hope its useful.

I will try to give you some idea. Prepare your answers based on that.

i) Why CTS?

Try to speak something about good work environment & growth.

Something like below:

I heard from my friends that CTS has a very good work environment where employees get good respect. Moreover, CTS is one of the fastest growing companies in India. I want to be in such a company where I can also grow along with the company. For these reasons, I prefer CTS.

Caution: Never tell the reasons such as ONSITE or SALARY. That gives a negative impression on you.

One more point: If they ask whether you prefer BIG companies like TCS, INFOSYS (when compared to CTS) - You can tell that you don't want to lose yourself & your growth in a too big ocean-like companies where individual growth will be very less.

Note: If you go for INFOSYS interview, you have to tell you want to be in India's most admired company. If you go to TCS, you have to tell you want to be part of Asia's largest Software Company. :P You have to prepare this based on the company you are going. If you are going to a very small company, you have to tell a small company offers more growth prospects and you can learn more (because you will be doing all kinds of technical tasks in a small company) and so you prefer to join them.

ii) What do u want to become in the next 3 years?

In next 3 years (short term goal), I want to acquire as many technical skills as possible. I want to become perfect in at least one/two technologies. I want to excel to the next level of 'Senior Programmer' / 'Module Lead' position. But my primary aim is to acquire technical skills. That is because - I believe that a (project) manager will not be respected much by his teammates unless he has good command over technology. He might be a good manager, but if he wants get more respect & get his work done, he should know the technical things in a better way. Then only, he will be in commanding position. Then only he will be able to judge the project timelines & task allocation perfectly. So I believe it is very importat to acquire technical skills in the initial stages of one's career.

In long term (6 or 7 years down the line), I will try to become a good manager. Because it's very difficult task to manage a set of people from various cultural backgrounds, various technical skills, various interests and get the work (project) done. I want to take up that challenging task.


Hope I am clear. Let me know if you have any doubts.

Others can throw their ideas on this.

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