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My Interview Experience @ Gameloft

Hi everyone. Gameloft is recruiting freshers from any stream in their game programming section.i attended the interview and here is how it went:-1st round is an aptitude+core java this round itself you would be asked a few algorithms.2nd round is an oral technical round on data structures and core java againin the second round itself you would have to write and execute 2 programs on data structures.3rd and final round:-this is the toughest.....i got eliminated have to develop a game using Java in 2 hours time. you would have to code it and execute have to be really perfect in java awt, package and use a bit of your algorithmic skills to develop the code for the game.i felt that this is very demanding for a fresher just out of college. if a person has done specialozed courses on Java,may be it would be easier for him/her. they give 3 dayws time between each round for us to prepare....i only started learning Java through online web tutirials only when i started attending the first round in this company...even though i didn't get the job....i am extremely proud of myself for making it to the 3rd round. becoz i started learning java only one week back......i hope this info helps others who are looking out for a job....and ya for a fresher the pay package for game programmer is 2 lakh per annum in gameloft.all the best.and respected chetana admin. please re-post this into another section if u feel that this is not the correct place for these kind of posts.

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