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Most Common Interview Questions & Answers in HR round

Tell me a little about yourself.

This is a popular interview question

Following are sample answers

Sample Answer

I am Andrew Bell, a computer graduate from MIT. I like to apply my analytical skills to develop world class products in the XYZ domain. When I am not working, I volunteer to NGO’s as it gives me an opportunity to serve needy people.  I also travel a lot and an active member of XXX travel group or club    through which I could explore my hobby more.

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1) Don’t be late

If you are called for an interview just note down the place and time. If you are in the same area well and good but if you are a bit far within the city or out of the town then you need to plan your trip well in advanced counting all the factors like traffic, weather, transport etc. Being a bit late to the interview will act as a bad remark with respect to your interview.

2) Don’t be unprepared

If you have been scheduled with the interview venue and timings then you need to start preparing for the interview and its various rounds like technical round and HR round and if you are not rehearsing it then you will find it hard to answer without blabbering. Do a good research about the company, most candidates don’t do that and therefore are found dumb when asked about the company.

3) Do not bad mouth about the former employer

Any kind of negativity is an unwelcoming language in an interview. You should not talk ill if asked about your former employer (although he/she was bad). Always share some good points about your ex boss and if asked about any negative points then shares some decent negative points like he/she needs stress busters and does not care about their health etc.

4) Do not use “I” instead use “We”

You won’t grow if you are not willing to work in a team. Using “I” will make an impression of self contentedness. Don’t fail to appreciate the combined efforts of your team. Use the word “WE” it will make you more appealing that you love to work in a team and is not a loner.

5) Do not inquire about holidays during the interview.

IF you ask about the number of holidays granted by the company during the interview then it will make the employer feel that you are here to enjoy and not work seriously.

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Here are the most common interview question:


Here you must discuss the attributes that qualifies you for the specific job and set you apart from rest of the candidates.


Here you must frame your answers around positive aspects of your skills and your abilities as an employee.


It’s tricky; don’t give too much or too little personal information.

Start by sharing a few of your personal interests which is not related to your work, directly.


You must know that why. Try answering in a seller’s tone,

for more question: 10 most frequently asked interview questions

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