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Aman Tester

Present day scenario of Software Testing

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Software testing is the process of evaluation or investigation of any software item to assess its functionality. One of the main intentions of software testing is to find bugs. The number of tests possible for a single software are infinite, thus, some tests are selected according to the available time and resources and are executed to find bugs (errors and defects) so that they can be eliminated.

Software testing can called be called ‘The process of validation and verification’. Verification stands for checking if the software item meets the requirements for which it was developed or not. Thus, it takes its internal mechanism into consideration. This process is also called structural testing or white-box testing.

Validation, on the other hand, stands for examination of the functionality of the item, without taking into account the internal mechanism. This sort of testing is also called functional testing or black-box testing.

Over the last decade, software testing profile has seen phenomenal growth. Testing has become an inevitable process for several applications and products. Also, business has realized its need before the release of any application or product.

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