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About Company

Subex Azure is a leading global provider of OSS solutions with a mission to empower telecom operators to achieve competitive advantage and deliver new service experiences to subscribers. The company pioneered the strategic concept of the Revenue Operations Center (ROC) - a centralized and integrated infrastructure for end-to-end monitoring, measurement and control of the operator's revenue chain - to foster operational dexterity and hence sustained profitability.


Subex Azure Limited (SAL) is the world's largest vendor of Revenue Maximization solutions for telecom operators. SAL pioneered the strategic concept of a Revenue Operations Center (ROC) and envisions it as a centralized and integrated operational infrastructure to monitor, control and assure the integrity of the revenue chain. SAL's RevMax is an integrated suite of best-in-class software solutions that power the ROC. All GSM operators in the private sector in India are Subex's clients and it has the largest installed base in the world, for telecom Fraud Management Systems.


We are also world leader in service creation, fulfillment and management solutions for Communications Service Providers offering advanced services such as Triple Play, IPTV, VoIP, Quad Play, and advanced architectures such as IMS. We empower the world's leading service providers to deliver new network and application experiences for their customers. Renowned for customer success, in-depth network expertise and off-the-shelf support for more technologies and equipment than any other communications software developer.


Subex Azure's customers include 32 of the world's 50 largest telecom operators by revenue. The company has more than 150 installations in over 60 countries.


Headquartered in Bangalore, Subex has its Branch offices in Beijing (China), Denver (USA), London (UK) and Ottawa (Canada).


Subex Azure is organized into three distinct Business Units (BUs)

- Revenue Maximization Solutions BU

- Fulfillment & Assurance Solutions BU (formerly Syndesis Limited)

- BT Business BU


Product Suite:

- Revenue Maximization Solutions (RMS)

- Revenue Assurance System -- Moneta

- Fraud Management System -- Nikira

- Risk Management System--Prevea

- Interconnect Billing System --Concilia

- Interparty Management System--Symphona

- Route Optimization System -- Optima

- Fulfillment & Assurance Solutions (FAS)

- Automated, subscriber-centric fulfillment- Syndesis Application Configuration Manager


Syndesis Express

- Data Integrity Management- Syndesis TrueSource

- Inventory/Resource Management - Syndesis Adaptive Resource Manager

- New Service Creation, Order Management- Syndesis Controller

- Service & Network Migration & Optimization- Syndesis NetOptimizer Acquisition



- 2 largest ever acquision in Indian IT industry

- Azure Solutions (UK) US $ 140 Million & Syndesis (Canada)- US $ 164.5 Million



Ensure creation of value by providing a differentiating edge to the activities of our customers, investors, vendors and Subexian through technnovative solutions while fulfilling our social obligations and maintaining high professional and ethical standards.



To be the leader in our areas of business through:

Total Customer Satisfaction

Commitment to Excellence &

Determination to Succeed.


Company Locations in India : Bangalore


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