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  1. If you’re a Fresher without work experience, it can be difficult to identify what to put in your resume. Many freshers often pad their resumes to make it look bigger - Please don’t do that. Don’t talk about your parents and their professions Don’t use large fonts Don’t list down too many ways to contact you just to consume space Don’t write down a generic signature statement which will just be skipped Here are things you MUST add in detail: Your projects and internships - Many freshers often just provide a one-line about these. But, these points are exactly where you should elaborate more. Add sub-headings under your project - Overview, Methodologies/ Technical Skills, Your contributions, Learnings etc. Guide the interview: Your CV is not just a way to talk about your achievements. It can also be a good way for you to guide your interview, so that the conversation turns towards your strengths. Mention your favorite subjects, books you’ve read, blogs you follow etc. Use power verbs and numbers: Power verbs like led, organized, achieved, implemented, envisioned etc are all good. Use numbers to be more specific about your achievements. Examples below: Won second place among 35 participants Created 12 articles with a total views of 4370 during my internship Make sure you get 4–5 friends to review your CV once. Finally, make sure you are prepared to field questions on any topic you have mentioned in your Resume. If you have mentioned something in your CV, Interviewers believe that it is fair game to question you on that topic. So prepare yourself accordingly. For reference : _________________ Was this Content Useful? Like Share Comment CodeGround Online Testing Platform is an online assessment and evaluation system that helps Recruiters conduct online screening tests to filter candidates before the interview process.