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  1. Please some person guide me i am in deep dilema

    hi friend could you specify wether you are looking for a job in your core group or software my suggestion is to go for the core group ie. try for embedded systems and never worry as you are a 2009 passed out there are many openings so please dont worry you will have your turn and i too agree with neebuchand my suggestion is go for .net if you are looking for software field
  2. MCA-2008

    even i too have the same problem i think bpo sector is the only option left if you are interested pal i tried for 13 IT companies and still trying but now they are asking why you got a gap

    i am a 2008 mca passed out and have 71.02% in my mca and above 65% through out and i am still unable to get a job till date can any body help me i have been trained in .net and trying for a job in .net can any body help me or suggest me as what will be good for me please help i am frustrated and ditorted feel like dying or commiting a suicide i have attended 13 companies till date but could not succeed
  4. 2009 passout still not getting suitable job

    according to my view the future is for open sources it would be better if you improvise your skills in unix or linux but the problem is that if you want to go for linux admin the first problem is that you have to work in night shift and the other is that there may be potential threat of experienced guys dominatingaccording to my knowledge there are 2 optionslearn 1) mainframes 2)oracle peoplesoft, oracle db2 :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
  5. 2009 passout still not getting suitable job

    hi there you are still lucky i could say there are more number of jobs as fresher 2009 also, i have friends who are 2008 MCA pass out still struggling to get job they are experts in .net programming so how much should they worry pal