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  1. hiii ,ur experience paves way to all freshers.very nice.

    I also want know who is chetana mam.

    I have tons of doubt to ask.

    Plz reply to alan_karthick@yahoo.co.in

    wating for your reply!!!!

  2. Hello rakhi!

    had seen ur story here at chetanas...

    PLease check ur mailbox n plz reply...who'z this chetana mam u describing..could I get mail i.d. of her's..plz reply..

  3. You have been one of source of light when in darkness

  4. HI Krahul,Even i am an MCA graduate.But as far as i know we shld do internship in our 6th sem right.So when we had that...we started to look for companies in our 5th sem begining.If u aim for big companies then sure u shld start early.
  5. Buddy , You see there r no such things like u cant join development if u r in n/w. If u r so keen on it why dont u keep updating yourself and try applying to other companies.If you r able to answer questions well during an interview why wud anyone stop u from joining development team. I feel in Wipro u have a choice to try diff horizontals.Why dont u ask them.There is also a test sometimes. Apply for the post and get into development in Wipro itself.Why to worry.There r many ways for u out there compared to those without job.As all have mentioned ...take up this job. Later you will find a way to reach ur goal......but dont leave this or u will be the loser.
  6. Read the below Job Profile carefully and apply ONLY IF you suit the criteria. Any irrelevant resumes will be deleted. ----------------- Position Title: Engineer / Sr. Engineer – Web Development Team: Small Business Customer Service Position Summary: The representative is responsible for providing world class service to Small Business Customers by resolving customer inquiries through multiple contact channels, including phone and e-mail. The successful representative will address and resolve customer enquiries to ensure first contact resolution. Additionally, the representative is responsible for making every customer interaction count through a relationship building consultative servicing approach that involves identifying opportunities to make every customer successful. Making every customer successful involves successfully providing sales through service by recommending products and services that are best suited for the customer. Primary Responsibilities: ·Provide world class service to all small business customers in a customer centric environment ·Successfully resolve complex customer e-mail and telephone inquiries through the use of multiple customer support tools. ·Assisting customers with inquiries while providing consultative support and recommendations ·Document in detail all interactions with customers ·Effectively articulate complex information to a variety of technical and non technical customers ·Educate customers on products. Help customers to be successful. ·Identify and evaluate opportunities to increase customer retention and satisfaction through the use of up/cross selling products and services. ·Successfully performs against department scorecard metrics including Qualifications and Skills: ·World-class customer service focus and interpersonal skills ·Previous success in call center service, or internet company ·Proven ability to communicate complex technical problems in “customer friendly” language ·Proven ability to work in a high paced, nimble, and fluid work environment. ·Demonstrated superiority troubleshooting skills, ability to think outside of the box and find creative ways to solve customer problems. ·Knowledge of DNS and Web Hosting ·Intermediate knowledge of Perl, CGI, HTML, Java, and e-commerce ·Solid decision making skills ·Must demonstrate effective oral and written communication skills and the ability to work cooperatively with internal and external business partners ·Proven ability to work independently in a fast-paced environment. ·Intermediate knowledge of Microsoft Office suite, including Excel ·Well organized with the ability to multi-task and prioritize workload ·Schedule flexibility Preferred Qualifications ·Knowledge of Yahoo! small business products a plus ·Previous experience in a B2B support model If you can prepare a bit on few of these - Perl, CGI, HTML, Java, and e-commerce it will be a plus. forward your profiles to : balajivr@yahoo-inc.com Regards PEBBLE
  7. Hi all, Many people have asked me for reference, but i do not see a referral program anywhere and i am requesting the person who started this topic to confirm the news.
  8. s.rakhi

    Got Placed In ACCENTURE

    Hi Chetana Mam, I am very jubiliant to read your message and get your appreciation.Thanks a lot i did struggle a lot during the days when i was jobless, i went through lot of emotional turmoil, which i have not even expressed here,but i sure kept patience through the people who loved me("Andy") , god and well of course you CHETANA mam. Always i used to read the success stories and i used to gain some strength, i felt even more worse when the people whom i helped in this forum with details regarding interview times, and various other issues putting their success stories and i never made it.That time i even stopped visiting the success stories section, not because i was envying them but because i felt ashamed of myself and felt like a loser.I prayed at that time that all i wanted was to be one among them and not above them.... Then through lots and lots of prayers and hard work i was happy the day i got offer letter. Now i want to help all those i need, i am very grateful to you and your forum.I will always be an active member, now that i am happy and in a position to help people. I stay in Chennai and my office is at Sholinganallur. What you had advised me is true Thank you Love Rakhi
  9. s.rakhi

    Got Placed In ACCENTURE

    Dear Dhiraj and DeshaPrasad i have given my email id Above.And Dhiraj yes i do see engineering students and people from various backgrounds being recruited.Apply to the link given above and wait, they will sure call you if you match the criteria.
  10. s.rakhi

    Got Placed In ACCENTURE

    I do see recruitment going on in Accenture, but i havent seen any employee referral going on .But i can guide you on how to apply.Since many people have mailed me regarding this i will list down the steps to do it.1.Go to this link https://india.jobs.accenture.com/DirectAppl...pplyForJob.aspx2.In the search box type entry3.You will get a page displaying Entry Level Professionals (B.E/B.Tech/MCA) -Apply Entry Level Professionals(BCA/B.Sc) - Apply4.Fill in the necessary details and attach ur resume.Note:- I found that there has been no colum for an employee reference.So submit form, you will be called soon.I see interviews on a weekly basis and heard that they require lot of people as they are expanding their base in India.So everybody try to apply before the link gets deactivated
  11. I can give a reference to Chetanaites if somebody needs, if they have asked for one.
  12. In an Indian temple, when the priest had gone for lunch, the Idol of the Lord and the Stepping Stone were conversing. Stepping Stone: “What a good fate you have. We both were the same lump of rock for millions of years. The sculptor carved an idol out of you and every one is worshipping you. And look at me, I am a stepping stone and every one stands on me and stamps on. What kind of life is this?“ The Idol kept smiling and never bothered to answer this, now, routine murmur from the stepping stone. But the stepping stone ( stone used as a step, that is ) will never stop his constant bickering. The Idol replied: “But do you remember that when the sculptor set out to carve an idol, it was you he chose, first. You were so impatient. In one strike, you broke in to two . But when he tried on me, I grinned and bore all the hammers and chisel strikes with PATIENCE . Here I am the worshipful and happy Idol and you are the Stepping Stone ….“ The difference between success and failure is patience and persistence. --- Author Unknown ---
  13. s.rakhi

    Got Placed In ACCENTURE

    My email id is s.rakhi@gmail.com.I can do my best to help you
  14. s.rakhi

    Got Placed In ACCENTURE

    Hi Dear Chetana Friends, I am elated to put my stories in one of the most sought after section of Chetanas Forum for inspiration - The Success stories section. I am truly thankful to god,my parents,Andy and last but not the least Chetana mam!!! Let me start with my trials so that everyknows that its all earned through hard work and perseverance I completed my MCA in the month of June 2006.But i started preparing for interviews from the month of Jan 2006.I applied to infosys as soon as they called the first set of 2006 Freshers.I started working hard hoping to be called, as expected i got a call letter and 10 days time to prepare.I got the books and slept only for 3 to 4 hrs a day for almost 10 days and then when i had to write the exam i was all nervous and shivering.I did my best and yet could complete only 7 puzzles out of 10 and as expected i was not selected . I felt very bad and was angry, because i had no answer as to how hard work goes unpaid when i did all i could.In fact Infosys was my dream company and i could not make it. Then i realized that luck also played a part. Then i attended these interview one after the other feeling depressed each time i failed. 1>Infosys-Apt(failed) 2>Samgram-Apt(failed) 3>Temenos-Apt(failed) 4>Sunitech-Apt(failed) 5>CellarStone-Apt(failed) By this time i was very very down and vexed up, i always knew i was good at aptitude and had never failed in it, but i had to pick up at my speed and dexterity and had to avoid tension.So i still kept working on it.Next i was looking out at BPO also as an option as i was very desperate.Thats when i got a call from Wipro BPO. 6>Wipro BPO-Apt(Cleared),HR(Cleared),Tech(Cleared)-Selected As i heard that we could shift to Wipro technologies after 18 months i started going to Wipro but soon i was dull and low in morale as i was admiring all the people walking happily in the Technology side, and feeling low, there were plenty of differences the way BPO people were treated right from the tag to the transport we take, people in technologies were offered more respect and freedom.Example one day i found that people who got selected through campus were allowed to bring their parents while we never had any such thing.I was getting tears as i felt that i was letting my parents down and was good for nothing. I just went for 1 week after which one of my friends promised me a job in a very small company, so i quit WIPRO Bpo and joined this small company as a programmer. 7>Pvt Company-Technical(Cleared),HR(Cleared)-Selected Then i was feeling better working in an IT dept though it was a very very small company, the IT dept itself consisted only of 3 people.I simultaneously prepared for TCS and CTS interviews as i had applied.I used to read success stories in Chetanas and pray a lot to God as my dream was to get into a very big comapny.Many of my parents friends kids got into big companies like Infosys etc but i never made it, many had great hopes on me as i fared better than those kids but never got one.My parents started avoiding having fun with friends and reduced their phone calls because each time everyone asked them what i was doing. This made me even more worse.All i wanted from my childhood was to keep my parents proud but i was failing in it. Then as my prayers were answered i got call letter from CTS and TCS for aptitude.So i started preparing with full throttle leaving the past behind me and sure to get victory. 8>CTS-Apt(Cleared),Tech(Cleared),HR(Cleared)- Not Selected 9>TCS-Apt(Cleared),Tech(Failed) I lost hope in my life as i did my best in both but still did not get selected, i still dont know the reason though i cleared all the rounds in CTS why i was not selected.Tcs was even more worse i got an interviewer who asked me everything she could but just rejected me outright because i was not able to answer Software engineering ques.many of my classmates and friends got through easily even though they had answered plenty wrong.But here i was having answered almost 40 to 45 questions right and getting rejected for answering 3 ques wrong.I was very very unhappy, i felt that god was very very partial and helped only people who never really needed a job.I wanted to die and thought i had no meaning in living more, as i did not have the strength in me to prepare for an interview again in life.I always shyed away from people and would cry in lonliness.I used to cry everyday looking at the stars and looking at all the flights that passed by.My mom used to tell me that she used to look at all the planes flying by and imagine me flying in one of them travelling onsite from a big company.I used to cry a lot thinking about all that and feeling so worse that i cannot explain.Life itself seemed meaningless. I used to be very dull the days after, I always was sensitive and was working for the sake of avoiding lonliness.It was Jan 2007 and i knew that i had slim chances of getting into a big company after this.The only hope i had left was trying Infosys for the second time as 9 months had passed after the last attempt.Then one day i found a mail from accenture asking me to attend aptitude at St.Joseph's college.I was happy but took it cool.I tried hard to study but by this time my heart was aching with so much pain and unhappiness that i did not prepare.I just went cooly and attended the Aptitude only to know that i got selected to the next round.I knew it was not a big deal because my Tech round was stil there, the day before i went to temple and prayed to God differently this time, as everytime i used to plead him to clear me through all the rounds but this time i prayed that he should give me the strength to bear failure and that i should not think of dying or cry.Then i attended the Tech Round in vel Tech college and after clearing Gd and HR i got my offer letter.I could not believe my eyes that day.I was surprised at my fate .I knew then that Luck,Confidence and hard work plays an important part. 10>ACCENTURE-Apt(cleared),GD(Cleared),HR(Cleared),Tech(Cleared)-Selected I was so happy and overwhelmed and thanked god for giving me such a good position in life. Now i have been with ACCENTURE for over 3 months and i am really glad to be working here. For all those trying for jobs, my advice is please at any moment dont lose hope because only that will carry you throughout your life against any hardship. Work hard, nothing can go wrong with hard work, some day YOU WILL BE ON THE TOP.If i can do it, then sure you too can do.Dont lose HOPE. Thank you CHETANA mam, you had motivated me a lot, both of us know what i went through.I thank you from the bottom of my heart.I had long time since dreamt of writing in this column, now my dream has been fulfilled. Anybody who needs some help i am always there to lend a helping hand. All The BEST !!! Rakhi
  15. Dear Rajesh, Lets me clear your doubts one by one1.Whether you are a fresher or not?If you have completed your degree this year including the break you have mentioned you are a fresher and can try applying companies until next year june ie 2008 before the next batch student pass out.2.First class or not?As far as i know if you had passed a degree within the given time you will get exact classes according to the marks you have earned, if not you will get a class lesser than you should actually get, in your case you should have got a first class with distiction(without arrears) else first class, but since that is not the case i guess you will get a class lesser than that.3.Eligibility for companies?You have very good percentage of 83, companies are sure to call you, but they will ask you to mention when you apply whether you had any break or not, you will have to mention your one year break, but since yours is a very genuine reason that anybody can understand, i dont think that the gap should be a hindrance for you to get placed in a good MNC .4.Courses necessary or not?For now just concentrate on certain subjects like C,C++,Sql etc that is generally asked in every interview, if you are not getting any job for many months then you may try some certification courses like SAP,java etc that might give you an edge over others to get into a company.Keeping all these in mind, prepare well for company intervies.For that you need to follow these steps:-1)Be thorough with aptitude2)Be strong in your favorite subjects,eg:-one front end, one back end,and some concepts like OOPS,DBMS,OS etc.(Rem just one from each type will do)3)Loads of self confidence4)Good communication skillsRest leave it to god, he will give you the best you deserveHope i have been helpfulAll The Best!!!!!