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  1. Plz help me solve the puzzle

    hi srikanth,I don't know the actual correct answer but I found one answeri.efirst divide the 10 ciger packets to 5,5 then check the weight it guarantee shows one part of weight is more so take that part of ciger packetssecond divide them into 3,2 and see the weight for 2,2 ciger packets and put 1 ciger packet outside if weight is equal the cigerpacket is there in outside is oddone else it definitely shows one side more weight so take that part and check and compare the weights of both ciger packets it definitely shows odd onefinally I conclude it will be done in 3 measures
  2. I need referrence for CGI

    Hi all,I am umadevi i saw the requirement there is an employee referral recruitment drive in CGI but i didn't know any one thereso can any one give me a reference to me to apply for CGIplease it's urgent