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  1. It is a really interesting puzzle. Thanks for the post. Keep sharing.
  2. The word 'CORPORATION' has 11 letters. It has the vowels 'O','O','A','I','O' in it and these 5 vowels should always come together. Hence these 5 vowels can be grouped and considered as a single letter. that is, CRPRTN(OOAIO).Hence we can assume total letters as 7. But in these 7 letters, 'R' occurs 2 times and rest of the letters are different.Number of ways to arrange these letters=7!2!=7×6×5×4×3×2×12×1=2520=7!2!=7×6×5×4×3×2×12×1=2520In the 5 vowels (OOAIO), 'O' occurs 3 and rest of the vowels are different.Number of ways to arrange these vowels among themselves =5!3!=5×4×3×2×13×2×1=20=5!3!=5×4×3×2×13×2×1=20Hence, required number of ways=2520×20=50400=2520×20=50400
  3. Really a great question to think upon.
  4. The answer is 62%. Hope its right.
  5. Cost of plastering is Rs.558.
  6. The correct answer is 15360.
  7. The remainder will be 5.
  8. Confidence and communication skills is very much required to be successful with an interview.
  9. The probability of getting at least two tails is 1/2.
  10. You will asked about the latest SEO updates and technical details which you should be ready to explain.
  11. Your CV should be up-to-date and should be edited according to the company you apply or. This can help you to clear the screening levels of resumes.
  12. Many companies offer data analyst jobs but make sure the shifts and salary are feasible for your lifestyle.
  13. It is better to look for freelancing than trying for companies as many may not agree to work from home permanently.