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  1. Can you provide the best solution for this puzzle? It would be really helpful.
  2. Thanks for providing the solution.
  3. The number next in the series is 34.
  4. Start your preparation with sheer determination. Whenever you feel demotivated, you can dream about the day when you will crack the exam and it will definitely motivate you.
  5. These solutions had really been helpful. Thanks for the post!
  6. The answer would be 1/365.
  7. The destination place is 80 degree west to the starting place. Hence the time difference between these two places is 5 hour 20 min. (=24hr*80/360). When the flight landed, the time at the starting place is 12 noon (2 AM + 10 hours). Hence, the time at the destination place is 12 noon - 5:20 hours = 6: 40 AM
  8. We know that the square root of 100 is 10, n so square root 99 is less den 10. so ans is A.
  9. Here there are too many solutions. Please let know the right answer.
  10. Thanks for the explanation. It is really helpful.
  11. I really enjoyed solving this puzzle. Thanks for sharing!!!
  12. Formula is first highest value+second highest value+2=40+27+2=69.
  13. Considering x=1|-5-(-1)|+|2-(-1)|+|6-(-1)|+|10-(-1)|4+1+5+919 . So the value of x= 19.
  14. Let price of diamond as kx^2 where k is a contant total price for 4 pieces kx^2[1+4+9+16]=30kx^2 price of original diamond=100kx^2 difference 70kx^2=$70000 or kx^2=1000 original price of the diamond=100*1000=100000 So the answer is Rs.100000