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  1. please help me out

    Hi Vamsi,No recession is coming to India. Infact if u check out the technology stocks, they are booming like anything. All of my friends are having 4-5 offers in hand with very attractive packages (hikes of even 100%) ofcourse they are experienced but nevertheless this is just a game played by every company to scare the freshers to get the maximum out of them because we Indians perform best under pressure.Dont push the panic button. All IT giants are having very big long term projects. So, no worries. But anyways if you wanna try for companies like Indian Oil, NTPC, ONGC, CDAC etc. you can always go for them.Thanks,--Sonal
  2. Please help me out in choosing which direction to go...

    Dear Manothra,Yes you are right that its difficult to get a job with your academic background. Since you lack interest in studies, Java is not an easy game for you. It requires a lot of studies and discipline. And even if you do a course in it, its not easy to find a job in big MNCs. So, my advice to you would be as per your interest specialize in functional areas which are more valuable then the technical skills like sales, marketing, etc. That is only possible if you do an MBA with good percentage and ofcourse from an institute which has a decent placement record. Try to work more on your communication skills. The art of convincing others is always very handy and useful. See, wherever you go, technical people always work under a manager. So, the choice is yours. May you get your desired destiny as soon as possible.Best of luck and move ahead with your GOAL in your mind. Just chill out and go for the movie Goal or Taare Zameen Par and try to learn something from them.Thanks and regards,Mr. Sonal Sharma
  3. Is change of domain possible with my current experience?

    Dear Ajithraj,Yes that is possible.Since you are working in a telecom company, your experience will be considered if you show good projects in your CV. Moreover your concepts have to be crystal clear to get into some big company.
  4. SAP Course - Useful for getting a job ?

    Dear Rupenzal,SAP is considered a high end skill since its a 4GL and it integrates business processes very closely.But to get an opening in SAP is very difficult.Even if you are certified and don't have any programming experience of atleast 2 years you will not be even considered by reputed firms.But once you spend 2-3 years in SAP and get the hang of it then nothing like that.Its the best field to be in.Java/J2EE background is considered as an advantage in SAP.Thanks and regards,Mr.Sonal Sharma
  5. Total frustation about fraud training institutes !!

    Hi Amit,Don't worry my friend.You will get a great job.I will give you some pointers on which you may have to work out.Now that your 1 and a half years is over in acquiring that knowledge in C++, Java/J2EE.So, you have good knowledge in these subjects.You join any small company or institute like AVL in Noida or Ducat, Noida or even NIIT etc.One thing more you should make Java/J2EE as your strength because there are lots of openings in this line. Join even as a faculty somewhere and try to work on consultancy projects etc.Try to clear SCJP5 and SCWCD1.4. Refer to Kathy Sierra and Bert Bates books to clear all your doubts and strengthen your knowledge.Refer to websites like etc.You should also work on your communication skills as well.Try to be confident and face all interviews as boldly as you can.Once you are able to do 1 or two projects successfully you will get the confidence and will be able to crack all the interviews.Apply as an experienced professional afterwards.Remove all the clutter from your mind.You should always remember one thing that every dog has a day.And hardwork always pays.So be confident and trust yourself.You will get a wonderful job.I am sure about that. Thanks and regards,Mr.Sonal Sharma
  6. Does any one know of any company or institute where I can get the one full life cycle implementation experience in SAP ABAP.I am SAP ABAP Certified Technical Consultant looking for a job in the same field.If somebody can help me then please mail me on
  7. If any one knows about the companies in India who are recruiting SAP ABAP Certified Technical Consultants fresher with experience in Java/J2EE. I just need an entry rest I am confident that I can manage all the other things.Please help me.All people in this forum who have a background in SAP ABAP or their company works in ERP Consulting can provide me their references on engineersonal@rediffmail.comI need your urgent help.Getting frustrated really now. Thanks and regardsMr. Sonal Sharma
  8. J2EE to SAP - Career shift : Help needed

    I was suggested to attach my resume here.But no response or help from anywhere.Is there nobody in this forum to help me out.I have around 15 calls for Java/J2EE and 4 international calls.But I seriously want to make a career in SAP.Its my dream.But no help from anywhere.Friends please help.
  9. J2EE to SAP - Career shift : Help needed

    I have already cleared SAP ABAP certification with second highest marks in Simens. Is there no one to help me out. Please help me.
  10. J2EE to SAP - Career shift : Help needed

    No Chetana Madam,I don't mind relocation but I want to work on SAP ABAP technology and master it and eventually I would like to specialize in Enterprise Portal.Please help me madam.I don't have any references. Thanks and regards --Sonal
  11. I am having 1.8 years of exp in Software development using Java/J2EE.I am SCJP5,SCWCD1.4,Brainbench certified in 3 java certifications,M.Tech(IT)silver medalist and now I have been trained by Siemens,Delhi in SAP ABAP technology.I want to shift towards SAP ABAP.I have cleared SAP ABAP certification recently with second highest marks in Siemens.Can someone help me in getting placed in SAP ABAP position as a fresher by providing me the references and circulating my resume among their friend circles.Presently, I am working with Avaya Global Connect Ltd, Gurgaon as a Java/J2EE developer.Please help me out friends.I need your immediate help.Thanks and regards,--Sonal
  12. Dear friends,I have recieved an email from this company stating that I've been shortlisted for their oN THE JOB TRAINING of 6 months duration which will cost anywhere between 35K to 150K.In this period I will also recieve a stipend of 10K per month then I will be absorbed as a Software Engineer in this company or they will place me in some other company like Infosys,TCS etc. Please check out this link and then form a firm opinion abt this company and give me your inputs as is this company genuine or fake or is it blacklisted?Waiting for ur urgent reply.ThanksRegardsSonal Sharma

    Dear Abhilash sir,This is Sonal Sharma, M.Tech(IT)Integrated, physically handicapped person.Do you remember my story that I discussed with you earlier.Do you remember me I was having 9 supplementaries and I cleared 5 got 62.8% at B.Tech(IT) and topped at M.Tech(IT) by getting a silver medal.Sir I have passed out in December 2005.So should I be called 2005 passed out or 2006 passed out. As you told that there are lot of opportunities in Java field.I have done a 7 months course from NIIT in which I topped in online exams for J2EE 1.4 as well. I have cleared certification of Sun Microsystems for Java 5.0 with 73% in first attempt. But now as almost 10 months are over.Please tell me should I join institutes that give training plus experience certificate.So that after say 1 year of experience(I will put it as 2 years) I will be more distinguished and standout in a crowd to get a good job.I have also started preparing for SCWCD1.4........Should I work as a part-time faculty somewhere and also keep doing the course as I mentioned earlier.Please guide me. Thanks Bye--SonalExcerpts of my earlier message to you-->> Let me be very frank with you.I am physically handicapped due to polio in my right leg.I have faced so many problems in my life that it will not be possible for me to narrate them in this mail.I have had a good academic career until my B.Tech(IT).My alma mater includes:1)Xth--79.4% with 93% in maths and science from St.Joseph's Academy,Delhi.2)XIIth-69.2%(Medical Stream) from St.Xavier's Sr.Sec.School,Delhi(Got 82% marks in English,Highest in the class)Now the problem starts.I got selected for M.Tech(IT)integrated course of 5 and a half years. At B.Tech(IT) level, I got 9 supplementaries.I have cleared 5 though but 4 are still remaining.But it doesn't matter as far as requirements of the degree is concerned as we can leave 13 credits.Inspite of that I somehow managed to get 62.8%marks in B.Tech(IT).But these 4 subjects include 3 maths papers.That means I couldn't clear any maths paper.It doesn't mean I am weak in maths.Infact,I am very fond of maths.It just happened because my family was facing a lot of health problems and I wasn't able to concentrate on my studies at that time and I had to pay the price for it. Well, the story doesn't end here.At the M.Tech(IT) level, I topped my university by securing second rank overall with 75% marks.I was rewarded with a silver medal and a cash prize of Rs.3000. Let me tell you one thing more I haven't participated in any placement activities that happened in our university because my doctor advised me that my condition was getting critical and I should concentrate more on physiotherapy exercises.So, even if I had got the job, I couldn't join it.Now, please tell me whether I should go for some certification courses like MCAD.NET, or SCJP etc. Presently, I am doing a course in Java,J2EE,J2ME from NIIT.I am also preparing for SCJP2 1.4 exam. Do you think these certifications will get me a job?Which companies should I apply in?Please guide me.I am writing this mail with a lot of hope.Your valuable words of advice can show me a ray of hope that can enlighten my career. Thanks.Yours faithfullyspirit
  14. Dear friends,I just want to know that how can you make your own fake 6 months experience certificate for JAVA/J2EE.I have done a course in JAVA/J2EE from NIIT in 6 months after passing out in December 2005.I joined the course in February.Cann't I get 6 months fake experience certificate and make my way into a good IT company.Do they scrutinise your experience certificate by verifying the address and the details of the company you worked with earlier?I have also prepared for SCJP1.5 exam which I am sure af clearing it in this month.Please reply to my mail as soon as possible.Thanks......Bye!!!--Sonal
  15. String class implements immutable character strings whereas StringBuffer class does the opposite.Even you can change the capacity of the StringBuffer objects dynamically.StringBuffer class is used when heavy modification of character strings is involved.