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    I am a freelance programmer who can help you master programming, I can also help you in web and graphic designing. Please feel free to contact me.
  1. Career Advise needed

    It is better to switch to another job, try to get referred by someone working in those companies, things may be little tough. Try attending as many job interviews as you can per year and hope some day, lady luck smiles on you.
  2. Fresher problems

    If one is not getting jobs, going for higher studies, going for good certifications like CCNA, MCSE, CCIE, Oracle, etc could be options. I guess, even getting a job of part time lecturer with B.E/B.Tech degree is becoming difficult these days.
  3. 6P's to approach your Interview

    I would like to add one more, learn from past interview mistakes, what kind of questions you failed to answer, Google them out and maintain a interview preparation document.
  4. Which all company are still conduction "group discussion" interview? I never faced it, starting from campus interview.
  5. Do you prefer to work alone or as a team ?

    I do not have much reservation about what kind of team I am put.
  6. How to memorize Vocabulary???

    There are new mind mapping techniques available , where you relate every word to an action of your daily to daily life.
  7. When will be IT boom again ?

    I guess recession will end by October 2010.
  8. Help me [Mca with 2 yrs of bpo exp - i want to join in IT

    Do not fake resume , you can easily join IT support industry with BPO experience.
  9. job search

    Wait till H1N1 wave die down.
  10. Resume Writing Tips for Freshers and Experienced - Sample Resume

    Has anybody used resume writing service from naukri , monster ,etc ? Did it help or you reverted back to your old resume ?
  11. There is no need to say that you have attended 10 interviews and you have not got any jobs yet, just say one or two and tell reasons like they asked you sign 3 lakh bond ,etc , or night shift , weekend counted in project plan.
  12. Anyone plz guide me wat to do???

    Join BPO , remaining time update your skills.

    Do not bother , Who is tata exsi HR manager ? His feedback may be heeded by few HR managers whom he knows , so keep on trying , you will make it through , in next interview say that as you were asked to take over the work which 3 persons were doing , so when you objected to the inhuman work enviornment , management asked to resign .IT industry is going to dogs because of greedy and manipulative management .
  14. Just tell the truth , anyway you were preparing for bank exams and you are applying for bank jobs , in govt jobs , 6 months gap should not matter.